Research indicates that 45% of Argentines have experienced domestic violence

About 45% of women consulted in Argentina by the Spotlight Initiative said they had already suffered some type of domestic violence, either in the last year or throughout their lives, according to the results released on Monday (29) by the Argentine Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity.

“This means that one in two women in our country have suffered violence”, highlighted the Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth G√≥mez Alcorta, when presenting this Monday the results of the first Survey of Prevalence of Violence against Women carried out in Argentina.

The research with 12.152 women was carried out in 12 Argentine provinces – in the capital and another large urban conglomerate in each of these provinces – in 2021, at the height of the Covid pandemic-19, to measure four types of domestic violence: physical, psychological, sexual and economic, and patrimonial, both during your lifetime and in your last year.

Spotlight is a global UN initiative supported by the European Union (EU) that aims to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.

Of these 45% of women who suffered domestic violence in Argentina, 45% were psychological, 23% economic and patrimonial, 23% physical and 18% sexual. In addition, half of the women interviewed who are or have been in a relationship have suffered some type of violence. In two-thirds of cases, two or more types of violence are combined.

According to the survey, 10,5% of women were victims of violence in the last year, 51% of unemployed women were victims of domestic violence and 51% of women with children are on the list.

Resident representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Claudio Tomasi, highlighted two figures in the presentation that, in his opinion, should “particularly encourage ” debate and action.

A “very convincing” fact is that one in four women who were victims of violence resorted to community services, mechanisms or institutions, which means that three out of four did not appeal.

The other number is that one in five (19%) women go to court to make a formal complaint, which means that four out of five (77%) women do not file a complaint.

“These numbers should make us reflect on the reason why women who do not use the devices and do not go to court are the majority”, declared Tomasi.

In a complementary way, the study measured the situation of sexual abuse committed by men and found that 17% suffered some type of sexual abuse. Most of them (74,4%) were abused before 19 years old.

In addition, one in three women forced to perform sexual acts mentioned a family member as an aggressor: 24, 2%, neighbors, friends or acquaintances; 19, 3%, strangers; 12%, uncles; ,6%, other relatives; 7.3%, father or stepfather.

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