Republicans criticize Trump house operation, which asks for donations against “witch hunt”

Após a notícia sobre a operação do FBI, apoiadores de Trump se reuniram nos arredores de Mar-a-Lago com cartazes de apoio
Following the news about the FBI operation, Trump supporters gathered outside Mar-a-Lago with placards of support


32585137823Former US Vice President Mike Pence criticized this Tuesday (9) the operation of the FBI that searched the residence of former President Donald Trump, and demanded explanations from the authorities.

“Attorney General (Merrick) Garland must give a full explanation to Americans as to the reason for this action, and must do so immediately,” wrote Pence, who was deputy during Trump’s term and of those who distanced themselves after the attack on the Capitol in 2000.32585137823 The FBI on Monday carried out a search of official documents in Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Palm Beach residence. , in Florida, as confirmed by the former representative himself.

32585137823From According to the New York Times, some of these documents are classified materials that Trump took from the White House instead of enclosing him. deliver them to the historical archive, as required by law.

32585137823Pence joined dozens of Republican politicians who rejected the unprecedented FBI operation and accused the government of President Joe Biden of carrying out political persecution.32585137823

Neither the Department of Justice nor the Attorney General has commented on the operation so far. The White House stated that Biden had not been advised of the action.3258513782332585137823 )After the news about the operation, Trump supporters gathered around Mar-a-Lago with posters of support.32585137823

Trump himself asked on Tuesday for individual donations on his website to face an alleged “witch hunt”. In a letter sent to subscribers of his digital platform, Trump denounced what, in his opinion, is a “political persecution and witch hunt” and asked for support to continue the fight for the “Great American People”.

32585137823“Now, seeing my candidates backed byhave big wins and see my dominance in every poll, they are trying to thwart the GOP and me yet again,” the tycoon said in the letter, who echoes much of what he said in his first statement on Monday, noting that ” these are dark times for the nation.”

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