Report criticizes “culture” of drunkenness in the British government during lockdown

Servant Sue Gray released this Wednesday (25) the expected report of her investigation into events and parties attended by members of the British government, including the Prime Minister. Minister Boris Johnson, during lockdowns in the United Kingdom that prohibited such celebrations in the country.

In the 37 page document, Gray stated that the political leadership and country official “must take responsibility” for a culture of lawlessness and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The server pointed out that British government officials attended a party (some even after 4 hours of the morning) on ​​the eve of the funeral of Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, last year.

In June of 2020, there was another party with “excessive alcohol consumption by some individuals. One individual got sick. There was a small altercation between two other individuals.” At a Christmas celebration in 2020, officials were instructed to exit through the back door of the prime minister’s official residence in Downing Street, London, to prevent the press from taking pictures.

Gray also pointed to “multiple examples of disrespect and mistreatment of security and cleaning staff.”

“Many of these events should not have happened. What happened is that some of the younger employees believed that their participation in some of these events was allowed due to the presence of experienced leaders. Central leadership, both political and official, must take responsibility for this culture,” concluded the servant.

After the report was released, Johnson claimed that he had already adopted the recommendations made by Gray and denied again that he will resign because of the scandal, dubbed the Partygate.

The Metropolitan Police, which also investigated the case, had previously imposed 126 fines for 83 different people, covering all 12 investigated events. Johnson reportedly participated in at least six of them.

He and his wife, Carrie, were notified in April of having attended a Prime Minister’s birthday party in Downing Street in June

. Johnson apologized and said he had already paid the fine, in the amount of 50 pounds (just over BRL 300).

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