REITs Account for 55% of Total Anchor Investments, with Anchor Investor Investments Growing 80% | REITs represent 55% of total anchor investments, with anchor investor investments up 80%

REITs account for 55% of total benchmark investments, benchmark investor investments up 80%

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Ahmedabad 2 hours ago Author: Bijal Navlakha

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Institutional investors are not just the secondary market. But Dhoom has also invested in the primary market. Investments by benchmark investors in the IPO segment increased 79.64% year-on-year to Rs 7,721 crore. According to PrimeDatabase, foreign institutional investors will invest Rs. 4,206 crore. This represents 55 percent of the total anchor investment. While the investment made by benchmark domestic investors in the IPO is Rs. 16,154 crore has doubled to 3,515 crore. Four out of five key investors in an IPO are mutual funds.

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund (Rs 426 crore), Aditya Birla Sun Life MF (Rs 363 crore), Government of Singapore (Rs 326 crore), HDFC Mutual Fund (Rs 294 crore), Axis Mutual Fund (Rs 280 crore). Crore) during an IPO. Top 15 foreign investors invest Rs. 2,084 crore has been invested. While the top 15 domestic investors weigh in rupees. 2824 crore was invested. HDFC Life Insurance, the only insurance company, has invested Rs 109 crore in domestic investments. Goldman Sachs has raised Rs. 213 crore, Nomura Funds Ireland Rs. 199 crore, Pioneer Investment Fund Rs. 187 crore, and the Government Global Pension Fund Rs. 164 crore have been invested.

National anchor investment increased to 3,515 crore
Top 5 IPOs in Anchor Investment

Investment IPO Cards SBI 2768 croreGland Pharma 1944 croreComp. Edge.666 CroreManage.Survey UTIAMC645 CroreBurger King 364 Crore

Investment has only increased twice in a decade
According to the Decade Report, investments made by domestic anchors invested more than foreign anchors in just two years. In 2018 the domestic investment will be Rs. 4,045 crore.

Investment in IPO by Anchor Investors

Year Indian Overseas Total 2009 21514591674201010041311231620118733241920121618551016201369194263201416898266201517722124389620163943396201639433984792820175728689512672020202020320

Indication of the holding of 3 IPOs of Rs 2700 crore

3 IPOs worth Rs 2,700 crore are expected by the end of January. In what Rs. An IPO of Rs 1500 crore could take place until January 20. Indigo Paints will have an IPO of Rs 1,000 crore and Home First Finance will have an IPO of Rs 1,200 crore.

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