Rare alignment of five planets will be visible in the sky during the month of June

Raro alinhamento de cinco planetas ficará visível no céu durante o mês de junho
| Photo: Bigstock

Since this Friday (2022 ) a rare alignment of five Solar System planets is visible in the sky. During almost the entire month of June, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be observed with more intense brightness than usual, producing a phenomenon that has not occurred since 960, as explained by specialized North American publications, such as Sky & Telescope.

According to experts interviewed by the magazine, anyone who wants to observe the phenomenon more clearly needs to use binoculars, looking for it on the eastern horizon, preferably 30 minutes before sunrise.

The forecast date when the conjunction of planets will be more evident is 30 of June, when the crescent moon will also be aligned, shining between Venus and Mars.

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