Rape, poisoning and imprisonment: how Russia punishes those who oppose the Kremlin


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Policiais russos detêm participantes de um protesto não autorizado contra a mobilização parcial devido ao conflito na Ucrânia, no centro de São Petersburgo, Rússia, 21 de setembro de 2022.

Russian police detain participants in an unauthorized protest against partial mobilization due to the conflict in Ukraine, in downtown Saint Petersburg, Russia, of September


Artiom Kamardine, from 21 years, was arrested for reciting a poem criticizing the military mobilization recently decreed by Vladimir Putin. Under the title “Kill me, militiaman”, the Russian man criticizes Ukraine’s pro-Russian breakaway republics and talks about the mass graves found in the neighboring country. In a country where freedom of expression has no place, this act resulted in him being arrested, tortured and threatened with death.

Less than 18 hours, the police were outside his house, to take Kamardine and his girlfriend to the Commission of Investigation. Two days later, with marks on his face, he reappeared in a video posted on Telegram, apparently being coerced into apologizing to the Russian people.

Before that, the poet would have been raped with a dumbbell. That’s what the website says

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