Rangabali OTT release date: When and where to watch this comedy drama starring Naga Shaurya, Yukti Thareja

Even though Naga Shaurya is a well-recognized figure in the Telugu film industry, he has experienced a string of failures in his career over the past few years. Now, in an effort to pique the interest of viewers, he has produced another picture titled Rangabali. This one has a unique name. The movie directed by Pawan Basamsetti attracted audience members’ interest with both its trailer and its teaser. The movie was released on Netflix on 04 August 2023 and was met with a variety of reactions from audiences.

Rangabali OTT Release Date

Rangabali is all set to be premiered on 04 August 2023 on Netflix.

Naga Shaurya is functioning perfectly inside his natural environment. In the movie, he acts in an exaggerated manner, although this is consistent with the ‘Show’ character feature. In the early comedic situations, he is successful in carrying them off. The most exciting part of Rangabali is Sathya, also known as Agadham.

His theatrics and mannerisms were the highlight of the performance. The portrayal of Sathay’s persona brings to mind the antagonist from Spider, S.J. Suryah, but with a comedic twist in this case. In the first half, the comedy provided by Shaurya and Sathya is rather enjoyable. The beautiful Yukti Thareja is the protagonist of this story. She lives up to the standards set for her.

The part of Sarathkumar that was expected to have a significant influence on the audience did not. Due to time constraints, we are unable to illustrate what positive things Sarathkumar accomplished in his role as Ranga Reddy. The drink is wasted on Sarathkumar. Tom Chacko, best known for his portrayal as the antagonist in the film Dasara, is a good choice for the part, but he is underutilized.

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The most recent is that the movie’s OTT release date has been set. The movie will be released on August 4, 2023, according to Netflix. Wait till the day if you still intend to watch it.

When and Where to Watch Rangabali

You can watch this comedy-drama on Netflix from 04 August 2023.

The first film directed by Pawan Basamsetti is not up to snuff at all. To convert Rangabali into a picture that is at the very least watchable, he had the ability to put more effort into the story during the second hour and write a more effective screenplay.

The songs are not presented in an effective manner, and none of them leave an impression that is difficult to shake after leaving the theatre. If Pawan CH wanted to make Rangabali at least a musical success, he might have written better tracks for it.

The work that Divakar Mani did behind the camera was up to par. In spite of the fact that the running duration of the movie is satisfactory, the editor may have been able to remove a number of sequences that aren’t necessary from the second half. On film, the high production values are displayed in a professional manner and are easy to spot.

What’s the story of Rangabali

A laid-back person, Shaurya (Naga Shaurya) has a strong attachment to and reluctance to leave his homeland of Rajavaram. But his father sends him against his will to study in Vizag. There, he develops feelings for Sahaja, a doctor played by Yukti Thareja.

Unfortunately, Murali Sharma, Sahaja’s father, opposes their union because of a problem with the Rangabali center in Rajavaram. What’s the problem? Shaurya, did you manage to solve it? How does the issue with the Rangabali center relate to Parasuram (Shine Tom Chacko)? The answers will be revealed in the film.

Cast & Crew of Rangabali

Pawan Basamsetti is the director of the film, and Naga Shaurya and Yukti Thareja play the leading roles. Karthika Srinivas is in charge of the editing, Divakar Mani is responsible for the cinematography, and Pawan CH composes and performs the score. Sudhakar Cherukuri is the man behind the production of the film Rangabali, which is being distributed by SLV Cinemas.

Rangabali OTT release date

The song Chalo, which was released in 2018, was Naga Shaurya’s most recent smash hit. Even though he went on to star in a number of films after Chalo, none of those pictures were successful. The most recent time we saw Naga Shaurya was in the 2022 film Krishna Vrinda Vihari, which, despite its success, was not regarded to be a smash hit.

However, in addition to Rangabali, Naga Shaurya is currently working on the films Nari Nari Naduma Murari and Police Vari Hecharika. These other films will be released after Rangabali.

Pawan CH, a former pupil of AR Rahman, made his acting debut in the movie Love Story, which was directed by Shekar Kammula. I have no doubt that he will perform outstanding music. With this movie, Yukti Thareja is making her first appearance in Telugu, and she has previously appeared in a series titled Super Model of the Year.

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Following that, she made appearances alongside Jubin Nautiyal in music videos. Now, every ambitious actor would love the opportunity to perform in Telugu films, therefore Yukti Thareja is quite fortunate to receive the chance to work with such a great hero.

Overall, Rangabali is an action comedy drama with weak writing and little support. Apart from Naga Shaurya’s performance and Satya’s humor, the movie doesn’t give enough to get audiences enthused. If you do decide to see it, don’t have high hopes.

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