Ramabanam OTT release date: When and where to watch this family action drama starring Gopichand, Jagapathi Babu

Gopichand, a well-known actor popularly known as “Macho Star,” just made an appearance in his most recent film, “Rama Banam.” His third project with director Sriwass is this movie. Gopichand and Sriwass are back with Ramabanam after releasing two blockbusters, Lakshyam and Loukyam. The movie premiered today. To find out if the team achieved a hat-trick or not, read our review.

Ramabanam is less of a movie and more of a symbol of an Indian film genre that we have long loved and still do, despite the fact that the quantity and caliber of such movies have substantially declined in recent years.

Ramabanam OTT Release Date

Ramabanam is all set to be premiered on 14 September 2023 on Netflix.

While Sriwass does his best as a director, the story could have used more attention. Bhupathi Raja may have written an interesting tale. Together, Madhusudhan Padamati and Abburi Ravi developed a witty dialogue that is sure to appeal to a wide audience.

When the struggle between Rajaram and Vicky is exposed in all of its glory, Rama Banam truly shines. It not only tightens up the rest of the movie’s loose ends but provides some much-needed intensity to the proceedings. Rama Banam contrasts two morally upright paths, one that favors peace and the other that favors violence.

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The movie provides a swift solution to its own question, reiterating the idea that it is preferable to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a battle. The Banam stands for the favored manner of righteousness in the movie, whereas the Rama signifies righteousness.

Ramabanam, the 2023 film starring Telugu movie star Gopichand, debuted in theaters on May 5 of this year. Additionally playing lead roles in the movie were Jagapathi Babu and Vennela Kishore. The Sriwass-directed family entertainment opened on 840 screens over the world with a lot of buzz.

The movie, however, struggled at the box office. ‘Ramabanam’ was able to make Rs 14.50 Crore at the box office despite having a Rs 20 Crore production expenditure. It had a break-even aim of Rs 15 crore when it opened in theaters, but only made Rs 7.1 crore there.

When and Where to Watch Ramabanam

You can watch this family action drama on Netflix from 14 September 2023.

The fact that the movie looks and sounds exactly like a movie is its major flaw. Our awareness is continuously reminded that we are watching a loud movie since the characters behave in such a cringe-worthy theatrical way, which prevents us from becoming lost in the action.

After a while, the dialogue and the antagonist (Tarun Raj Arora as the blazer-wearing, wicked businessman he has played a million times) make you question whether we are watching a satire of old-school action movies.

The antagonist, who is watching the enormous LED screen that is live-streaming the “interval bang” action sequence, exclaims, “Vaadu Tammudu la ledu, terminator la unnadu” This concept is inadvertently funny because it is illogical.

None of the OTT platforms offered to buy the film’s digital rights after seeing its appalling performance. The producers of the movie “BRO,” which stars Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej, have now agreed to have Netflix distribute their movies. Now, ‘Ramabanam’ was also created by People Media Factory. As a result, Netflix consented to consider the movie and will broadcast it on September 14.

What’s the story of Ramabanam

After an altercation with his brother Rajaram (Jagapathi Babu) as a young child, Vicky (Gopichand) departs for Kolkata. There, he becomes a Bhai and develops feelings for Bhairavi (Dimple Hayathi). When Vicky returns home, he learns that GK (Tarun Arora) has threatened his brother. What causes GK and Rajaram to disagree? What followed for Vicky? The movie provides all the solutions.

Cast & Crew of Ramabanam

Gopichand plays the male protagonist in the Ramabanam movie, with Dimple Hayathi playing the female lead opposite him. Other significant roles starring actors Jagapathi Babu and Kushboo will be presented.

Bhupathi Raja wrote the screenplay for the Ramabanam film, which Sriwass directed. On behalf of People Media Factory, TG Vishwa Prasad and Vivek Kuchibhotla produced this motion picture. Mickey J. Meyer composed the soundtrack for this film, and Vetri Palanisamy was in charge of the photography. Madhusudan Padamati wrote the dialogue for this film, and Prawin Pudi handled the editing.

Ramabanam OTT release date

Actor Gopichand has a lot of acting skills, but the screenplay choices are preventing him from rising to the top of Telugu cinema. He had a few notable roles in the past, but when those films didn’t perform well at the box office, Gopichand had to reconsider the scripts and began to feature in more mainstream action comedies.

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Gopichand last appeared in the commercial comedy film “Pakka Commercial,” which failed to attract moviegoers when it was released in theaters. Gopichand and Jagapathi Babu earlier worked together on the Sriwass-directed film “Lakshyam.” These three are working together on a project together for the second time.

Dimple Hayathi, who made her Telugu acting debut in the film Gulf, was praised for her unique song in the film Gaddalakonda Ganesh. Later, she had a female lead appearance in the film “Khiladi,” which had Raviteja in the title role.

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