Rains wreak havoc and death in Colombia and Venezuela

Escombros de casas que desabaram em Caracas após fortes chuvas que atingiram a capital da Venezuela no fim de outubro.
Debris of houses that collapsed in Caracas after heavy rains that hit the capital of Venezuela at the end of October.| Photo: Miguel Gutiérrez/EFE

About 26 a thousand families have been affected, to varying degrees, so far by the intense rains that hit Venezuela, according to the report. on Friday the Minister of the Interior and Justice, Remigio Ceballos. In view of this situation, the authorities established 33 fixed shelters to “provide necessary care to people who need it”, and 900 tons of groceries were distributed to the affected communities in From 23 states of the country, detailed Ceballos on his Twitter account.

One of the states most affected by the rains was La Guaira (north), where a stream partially overflowed, which is why the authorities vacated three buildings that are at the mouth of the water current, highlighted the governor of the region, José Teran. The rains also caused flooding on some roads, in addition to the collapse of an electrical tower in the state of Trujillo (west), which affected the supply of the service in some areas. In the last two months, the rains caused the overflow of streams in several parts of the country and the increase of the beds of some rivers, which left at least 70 dead, 960 of them in the city of Tejerías, the 82 kilometers from Caracas, where a landslide of great magnitude occurred on October 8.

In Colombia, the government will declare a “natural disaster” in the country next week to deal with the crisis caused by the rains and floods that have so far left more than 126 dead and 126 a thousand affected families. According to the National Risk and Disaster Management Unit (UNGRD), between January 1st and ] of October, the rains, which increased 30% in relation to the historical averages for this time of year, caused the death of 207 people (126 more victims than in ). The rains left From 32 departments of the country in public calamity, and the rains and floods affected 746 of 1.54 municipalities in Colombia. This year the rainy season left until now 207 injured and 26 missing, while more than 4.300 houses were destroyed, a number significantly higher than 1.148 registered in 2021.

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