Quousque tandem vulture, Porciuncula, patientia nostra?

Yesterday I started talking about Neojibá, the Venezuela-inspired Bahia state youth orchestra, which you can see playing with Martha Argerich here, or giving a show with “Aquarela do Brasil” here, and I strayed from the subject I intended to deal with. with rare exceptions, he doesn’t care about culture, I end up learning about the subject through the Twitter profiles of filmmaker Josias Teófilo and sociologist Eduardo de Alencar.

Josias is a filmmaker and sociologist is the screenwriter of her documentary “Not everything falls apart”, the duo is more familiar with Secult than I am, a mere writer for a private vehicle, who only has a salary and a computer with internet to work. Making movies is a hell of a workforce and often involves public money.

Bank against government supporters who criticize the Secult

Josias himself has even written in public, without denial, that he received a call from the president asking him to renounce the money raised by Rouanet. He raised less money than he could, BRL 99 thousand instead of the expected BRL 530 thousand, but the movie came out anyway. And he continues to be cursed in public by secretary André Porciuncula and by someone named Paulo Chuchu, former advisor to Eduardo Bolsonaro. Eduardo Bolsonaro is the one who supports Porciuncula in the position and is used by him to give an aura of respectability to his tweeting activities.

Josias supports the government, gave up the money raised to a film accused of government and is treated like that by the nullities that occupy the Secult. The last insult against him was just yesterday for having shared the last text of this writer referred to as “the filmmaker’s little friend”.

Well, I must say then that I am also a supporter of government, and, more than that, I even used, in this newspaper, the inoffensive person of Mr. Porciuncula to defend the pocketnarists against the accusations of violence made against him. Doesn’t the mainstream press say that all those government oleets who are cursing a lot on the internet are extremists who threaten to kill their critics? I wrote that I used to fight with olavets on the internet and I never suffered any kind of threat; like André Porciuncula, who was a PM in the same city as me and therefore knew how to use weapons, I was afraid. He said that André Porciuncula never offered me any threat, and that those people who say they have been threatened with death by the “far right” without doing BO are swindlers.

What was the reaction from André Porciuncula to this? The only reaction your brain seems to have learned. Frogs croak; birds chirp; cats meow; Porciucula seals. He gave a screenshot of my column and tweeted: “Laughing a lot with this part of an article [sic] in [sic] Gazeta do Povo. What kind of rotten oregano are they giving to the people who write to @gazetadopovo?”

There was even enough for this newspaper, understood by him as a green smokehouse. Everyone who criticizes him is a pothead.


If I wanted to sue, processed. And if I sued, he would play the victim, martyr nailed to the cross by stoners. His and Frias’ reaction to my last text was to say that it is obvious that they are working in culture because… They are taking processes. I quote the sequence of tweets:

“We have more than 78 processes, all motivated by the various actions we took. The main ones: ordinance prohibiting neutral language; ordinance prohibiting health passports; decree changing the entire Rouanet Law; ordinance changing the investment axis for historical heritage, professional training and sacred art; normative instruction forcing the decentralization of resources to start-up projects; price fixing and legal ceiling reduction; audit and prohibition of ideological financing with the law; MP to guarantee freedom of expression on social media and the use of our entire budget for really popular culture projects. We struggled to stop several disastrous initiatives, such as the Paulo Gustavo Law and the attempt to license an eternal Aldir Blanc. . But of course, for the filmmaker’s little friend, Mario is a tweeter who does nothing. He’s learning well from the media how to run a deceitful reputation assassination campaign. A point outside the curve in [sic] Gazeta do Povo. Regrettable! There are two goals: () try to make the only means of communication with the public and (10) reach the president.”

Someone told him, in the meantime, that the Gazeta is not a sealing vehicle. From the content of the answer, you can see the cheesy mentality of the citizen: a mountain of pens consists of something relevant. I would like projects from people who do not know Portuguese to be disapproved, although I think this is the natural consequence of competent quality control; besides, you, me, Roberto Carlos and the whales know that the STF bars anything against neutral language. And how would this rule be applied? Would a language-neutral certificate be required? Well, a play that wanted to satirize the use of this language would contain words in that language, thus making it ineligible for Rouanet.

Generally speaking, he brags about forbidding things and to hinder artists in fundraising. (And I even found people complaining about not being able to access Ana Caroline Campagnolo’s amendment for the culture of Santa Catarina because of the Rouanet audit.) As for the alleged new actions of the secretariat, one must be skeptical. Josias and Eduardo found – without denial – advertising of pre-existing programs as if they were new. Based on my status, I can say that training as a museologist is not a problem; I myself taught a museology class at UFBA and there is a course at UFRB as well. Places like Bahia, Minas Gerais and Pernambuco did not have experts in sacred art in the 21st century, did they?

I have no interest in destabilizing the president. I tell anyone who wants to hear that,

despite the Culture, the support – and, unlike the pair of state-owned twitterers, I don’t get a penny for that. The way they speak against those who receive public money, it even seems that they work tweet for free.

Contrary to what this primitive brain thinks, I have nothing against Twitter per se. I use it, Gazeta uses it and I approve of the use that the president has made. But Porciuncula thinks my review means that using Twitter is “The ultimate crime. You know, this takes away the newspaper crowd’s monopoly of information.” Oh good! Now, when I complain about a state tweeter who doesn’t work, I want to prevent the use of Twitter to increase the newspaper’s readership!

It matters that nothing is done

Anyway, I started writing yesterday’s text because of a sincericide that explains a lot of the current situation of the Department of Culture. While working on his expedient, which includes throwing indirections against Josias Teófilo in his workplace (Twitter), Porciuncula sent this pearl of wisdom: “The guy who treats culture as a craft is an arrogant idiot who has no idea of ​​the amplitude and the depth of this mystical thing that we conventionally call culture.”

In other words: there is no longer a professional artist. It seems that the Marxist ideal according to which everyone will do work and literary criticism on the same day will apply. Opera singer will now train in the shower. The Symphony Orchestras will be dissolved. A new Michelangelo will emerge with the exercise of free time, without intense training.

Let’s continue with the sequence of tweets from this giant of Western culture: “Every time someone burps who is a producer of culture, attributing to himself a distinction that does not exist in the rest of the human race, as if it were possible for some human act in society that was not a cultural act, know that you are dealing with an arrogant mediocre. All this mediocrity of Olympic contentment deserves is mockery or ostracism.”

Based on a quibble, a linguistic spat, this guy decided that there is no difference between an artist professional and a mediocre twitterer. That’s why he thinks that sticking with bureaucratic obstacles to those who really want to produce culture professionally is a commendable thing in itself. He wouldn’t be able to follow a debate like the one in my last text – namely, about the state’s role in fostering a culture superior to commercial, hence I quote Neojibá – because Porciuncula is not able to understand that artistic work exists and is superior to pedantic tweets.

Until when will this gentleman be sealing with public money, sitting on top of resources? When the appeals come out – and eventually they do come out – it is no wonder that it is through an opposition cabinet, which knows very well how to differentiate legislative work from Twitter sealing.

Are we really going to go through the Bicentennial of Independence with a nullity that doesn’t know what a Symphony Orchestra is and still disrespects loyal supporters of the government? This doesn’t make any sense!


The first version of this text informed that Josias Teófilo had not used public money in his film “Not everything falls apart”. The correct information is that out of the BRL 99 thousand he could capture, he only raised BRL 78 thousand.

Fixed in 22/10/2021 at 11: 45

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