Quotes of the Week: “Why can't the muse be an intellectual?”

“Por que a musa não pode ser uma intelectual?” – Gabriela Prioli

“Why can’t the muse be an intellectual?” – Gabriela Prioli| Photo: Arte – Gazeta do Povo

“We don’t need powerful motorcycles and brute men, we need to dream again of a possible Brazil for all

.” —

Zélia Duncan

, cantora e ativista de Twitter, em uma tentativa de crítica a uma motociata de Bolsonaro. “All”? I prefer Nescau, Zélia.

“The country that at #BBB take out Jessilane, the last woman in the race with 15,% of votes, leaving six men in the house [sic] is the same as electing only % of women for the National Congress and it is the same that will decide in October whether to keep [sic] a misogynist in the chair of the presidency.” —

Thiago Amparo

, columnist for Folha de S. Paulo, establishing a bizarre relationship between BBB and politics, and forgetting that the last six winners were women (ok, I had to Google that information).

Liberal in Brazil is Nazi-fascist” — Marco Antonio Villa, historian. In other words, for Marco Antonio Villa, less taxes, freedom of expression, free trade and less government interference in the lives of citizens is a Nazi thing. We are good with historians in Brazil.

“I see it as a chance to deconstruct stereotypes. After all, why can’t the muse be an intellectual? I’m going to parade full of glitter and with my carnival looks knowing that my Master’s degree from USP is still valid and my book is still on the bestseller list. I’m confident enough to put myself in this place that disturbs prejudices. And, between us: I like it!”

— Gabriela Prioli, commenting the fact of being the muse of a brewery’s box at Carnival. Muse? Undoubtedly! Intellectual? Yes of course. The same size as giants of world intelligence like Gabriel Chalita, Leandro Karnal and Mario Sergio Cortella, the kings of platitudes said with great airs of wisdom.

“To be a middle class person, you need to have a certain degree of sociopathy” — Clara Drummond, writer , middle class.

“A left-wing fascist” —

Juliano Medeiros

, president of the PSOL, referring to Aldo Rebelo. It’s official, folks: anyone who isn’t from the PSOL is a fascist.

Anitta and Pablo Vittar rocking the world. Meanwhile, Bolsonarism is writhing with envy and prejudice. This gang deserves every second of contempt. They will return to the sewer of history.” — André Henning, sports journalist. What Anitta does, André, is copy Madonna and sell pornography disguised as pop music. Pablo Vittar, on the other hand, is really rocking the world: the patience of those who like good music.

“I didn’t get married, I didn’t have children, because I took care of politics. To defeat oppressive poverty and wealth and, in turn, defeat capitalism!” —

Luiza Erundina

, former mayor of São Paulo, who needs to dedicate herself better to defeating capitalism, since her last declaration of assets was for oppressors 1.2 million reais (more than 700 thousand reais in applications such as CDB and Fixed Income).

Content edited by:Jones Rossi

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