Quotes of the Week: “What is most poisonous to human beings? Cocaine or coal? Or oil?”

“They are for a study for the future realization of a work on the subject, without taboos or filters” – José Dumont, actor, the regarding child pornography images seized from his cell phone and computer.

“Mocking at the Ku Klux Klan is part of the strategy of denying the very existence of supremacist ideologies and represents a danger to democracy” – Daniel Douek, director of the Instituto Brasil-Israel, about the controversy of the “Cuscuz Clã” last week. His scolding, mind you, is with Bolsonaro and his supporters for making fun of Lula’s diction; not with Lula for cursing the September 7 protesters as racists.

“Amid the growth in the supply of skin care products, two regions of the woman’s body ended up being left out: the vulva and the vagina” – Acácio Moraes, journalist, in an article entitled “Women lead the vaginal care market”. It is already happening: the obviousness of the association between the vagina and women is becoming less obvious as a result of progressivism.

“After the Enlightenment, the notion that women’s desire was weak, almost non-existent, and that the male penis commanded the relationship, grew stronger and stronger.” — Bia Morais, journalist unrelated to Acácio in the previous sentence, in a text for a newspaper in the neighborhood of Curitiba. She’s right: before the Enlightenment it was the “female penis” that ruled the relationship. As can be seen in the drawings of cavemen. Ah, progressives…!

“About the pastel video: I apologize. It really saddens to live in a country with so much inequality. We must be 100% attentive to who is by our side. May this serve as a lesson for everyone, including me” – Rosangela Moro, Sergio’s wife and candidate for federal deputy who recorded a disastrous video eating a pastel de feira while a beggar was wallowing in the trash behind her.

“If I were Lula, one of the first measures I would take was charge tolls from countless satellites that travel in our celestial atmosphere, back and forth, filming, photographing, spying” – Hildegard Angel, journalist and aspiring Space Highway Police agent .

“Jean-Luc Godard died at 56 years old. One of the main names of the Nouvelle Vague movement – ​​which here took the name of Bossa Nova and was restricted to the musical field” – Taísa Szabatura, avant-garde journalist who has never heard of Glauber Rocha, making Tom Jobim turn over in his grave, poor man.

“It’s a day to celebrate Paulo Freire, born in a of September, on 1921. Long live Paulo Freire! Long live quality public and free education!” – Marcelo Lins, journalist, about the “educator” who educated a thousand workers in two days, in the same way that Alfaiate Valente killed seven giants.

“This song by Chico has to be sung. It’s song day. It’s time for this song” – Maria Bethânia, singer, about the song “Cálice”, by Chico Buarque, which was a pun on the “cale-se” of the military dictatorship. That’s the thing: election eve and imaginary fascism is back in fashion.

“When you talk nonsense and reality belies, it is better not to say anything else. On September 7, a whole theory that the left was screaming and biting because of it disappeared like smoke: the thesis of the Bolsonarist coup” – Rui Costa Pimenta, president of the PCO, Communist Party. Rui is a broken clock that sets the time three times a day. It’s impressive.

“ I buy the antidepressants necessary for the exercise of being Brazilian” – Giovana Madalosso, heiress who, poor thing, needs antidepressants to exercise her Brazilianness by selling fried chicken with polenta to what she calls “fascists”.

“This is the day of the queen’s funeral! Show some respect!” – Chris Harvey, retired British, losing patience with Brazilians who were arguing about politics in front of the embassy. According to BBC, Harvey intervened when he noticed that Bolsonaro supporters were surrounding and intimidating a fellow citizen who probably supports Lula. “This man has the right to protest. This is England,” Harvey reportedly said. What the Brit himself said, but was left out of many comments: “Your president must not be happy with his behavior”.

“The PT is tired of asking for forgiveness” – Lula, in an interview with the English magazine

The Economist. On the other hand, Lula still hasn’t gotten tired of lying.

“Bolsonaro campaigned at the queen’s funeral. An international shame” – Ivan Valente, federal deputy and supporter of the candidate who campaigned at his wife’s funeral. Bolsonaro really works miracles and now we have the questionable privilege of seeing far-left politicians feeling sorry for the British Monarchy.

“If you hate the royal family, clap your hands” – Celtic fans, Scottish team, against St. . Mirren that happened during the minute of silence for the queen’s death. The Scottish Football Association had tried to stave off the protests by trading the minute’s silence for applause. Fool is the one who thinks you can tame football fans.

“Thief! Having trouble talking? Because Bolsonarism was corrupted. Bolsonarism is a farce, it is a pyramid and it will be dismantled” – Abraham Weintraub, Bolsonaro’s former education minister, whom he now calls a thief. Weintraub’s clues? The president’s companies. Among which he figured not long ago.

“All my life, I have always based my decisions on facts” – Henrique Meirelles

, former president of the Central Bank in the Lula government, speaking based on the fact that he wants to have a public job again.

“Brazil has lower inflation than the United States. Think about it” – Jared Dillian, Bloomberg columnist, baffled by the aftermath of the trillions spent and out-of-control money printers under the Biden administration.

“I was not invited and if it was, it wouldn’t. In practice, it is a meeting called Meireles” – Eduardo Jorge, public health doctor and former presidential candidate, on the squabble that appeared with Lula and Meirelles: Alckmin, the “other scissors side”, Haddad, El Poste, Marina Silva, humiliated by the PT in 2014, and Guilherme Boulos, the one who invites himself to his house.

“They have already started to say that I envy Michelle Bolsonaro. She already expected. But people, envy… seriously?” – Nina Lemos, columnist, feminist and miss, comparing her unique beauty to the beauty of the first lady.

“There was never a police raid on the apartments of the caviar left in Rio de Janeiro, which does a deadly disservice to Rio and Brazil” – Ciro Gomes, presidential candidate with a fine nose who sensed the tide of PT rejection and that is why he now pretends to be anti-left.

“The PT hate office continues to spread that I was not here in the second round of 2018. I repeat: I was yes and I voted. What I didn’t do – and that is my right as a citizen – was to campaign with the bandit. I don’t do that, there’s no chance” – Ciro Gomes, reacting to PT pressure for him to abandon the candidacy and again pretending to be an anti-left candidate.

“The future of the country depends on this meeting”, Sergio Chouza , an economics journalist from Argentina, mocking a meeting of the Secretary of Commerce of the Alberto Fernandez government to decide the price of World Cup stickers amid inflation of almost 100 % in the last 12 months.

“Not up to par of the vote who votes for those who are not up to the job” – Carlos Ayres Britto, former minister of the STF and eternal poet apprentice, making a bad pun while climbing the tower of ivory. From there he imagines hordes of voters who are not up to him.

“Lula’s election is the world’s hope to mediate the war in Ukraine” – Esmal Morais, journalist and lawyer. If that’s the world’s hope, poor world!

“The contractors’ union hires a study that says that paying more for overpriced works is better for the government. The BNDES subsidy, massively for construction companies, was 56 times greater ) than what Lava Jato recovered. Four times is fing none” – Felippe Hermes, economist and columnist, in response to the study cited by Jornal da Band and that said that “only from taxes, the State stopped collecting from heavy construction four times more than all that Lava Jato says it recovered”.

“Judging by what is happening and is still about to happen, this week marks either the eve of our imminent victory, or the eve of nuclear war. I can’t see a third way” – Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of Russia Today, a Russian government-controlled media outlet, and official kiss-ass for Vladimir Putin.

“So the error belongs to the IBGE, not mine. Simply that” – ACM Neto, heir to a political dynasty, when saying that he considers himself brown and hearing that, for the IBGE, brown is black.

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