Quotes of the Week: “We’re going to hold you responsible for people’s deaths”

“Does anyone know anything about the history of the Hering brand? As the brand is from Santa Catarina, I’m on the back foot. I don’t want my underpants to finance fascism” – Alvaro Borba, journalist and youtuber of the channel “Meteoro Brasil”. The “good” xenophobia against the South is getting worse.

“I have never seen the left practice % of the violence that the extreme right is doing in Brazil” – Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, re-elected and dismissed for error of ZIP CODE. Note that the “extreme right” is compared to the “left”, not the “extreme left”, which, it seems, does not exist.

“I intend to look for several evangelical churches and discuss with their head: ‘Look, what is your behavior on this issue of vaccines?’ Or we will hold you responsible for the deaths of people”Lula, former inmate soon to be president, allaying concerns that, like his dictator friend Daniel Ortega, he might persecute Christians. It’s okay to demand responsibility: it covers those who defended mandatory vaccine, for the risk of myocarditis in boys and men.

“Whoever condemns ideas to clandestinity is later surprised by them” – Antonio Risério, intellectual from Bahia who opposes censorship and edited a new book, “The Crisis of Identity Policy” (Top Books). We have to point out when we find intellectuals like this: it’s like finding a baby pigeon.

“Democracy is a tunnel-proof light. Dictatorship, a lightproof tunnel” – Carlos Ayres Britto, former STF minister and poet (as he calls himself). Frases was already missing Britto’s verses. Ours go: For this tyranny / The others are no match / Heavy dictatorship / It belongs to the judiciary.

“Without him we would be living in an extreme right-wing dictatorship. Some do not want to recognize this because of a flaw in his character, but History will do him justice: he guaranteed the rules, he was not afraid, he acted when he should have acted and, even when attacked, he maintains his strength in the legitimacy of the Law” – Fábio Trad, lawyer and federal deputy (PSD/MS), honoring the authoritative Minister Alexandre de Moraes. Frases has a dream: to spend a week, or at least two days, without meeting any Xandão sycophants.

“I talked to several leaders. Many of them called me. Many of them who were with Bolsonaro are starting to back down. (…) And those who do not come will be left behind” – Neri Geller, federal deputy (PP/MT) vice-president of the Parliamentary Front for Agriculture, gathering leaders of the agro “fascist” for Lula. This is the joke: whoever wants to put their hand in the taxpayer’s pocket, put their finger here, it will close, and there’s no point in crying.

“Today I am the Ipiranga post” – Nelson Barbosa, former Finance Minister and part of Lula’s growing transition team, comparing himself to Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. It’s more like Lava Jato.

“After the president started to attack me obsessively, then daily death threats started to appear and then I had to start walking with five security guards, it’s a hell of a bore” – Luís Roberto Barroso, Minister of the STF, longing for when he could take a plane alone without problems. Threats aside, which are really unacceptable, who doesn’t miss when almost nobody cared about what ministers did or said, those times when they didn’t say “you lost, dummy” to citizens unhappy with things like judicial activism


“Put Alexandre Frota in the transition in the area of ​​Culture is a disrespect to the Artistic Class” – José de Abreu, professional PT member and actor on weekends. There are two people that we would like to forget that they exist: Alexandre Frota and José de Abreu. We will continue to work on our selective amnesia.

“Even with anti-trans feminists boycotting Tampax , I will remain a loyal customer” – India Willoughby, British transgender journalist. We had a comment, but according to the STF, it could be a crime.

“Fine of

(millions), number of Bolsonaro. Xandão is having fun” – Ricardo Noblat, journalist, on the fine applied by Alexandre de Moraes in the PL, Bolsonaro’s party, when they insisted on questioning the results of the elections. Playing absolute monarch must be fun, really. But the CPI of abuse of authority is coming, who will have the last laugh?

Cantinho do birdinho azul

“Twitter could die this morning, according to Choquei. Elon Musk, you incompetent, you should have bought Facebook or Rumble” – Guga Noblat, journalist. What’s worse: seven mornings have passed and Twitter is alive from Silva, or his source has been a futilities website?

“To our friends in Brazil: Koo is the sound of a fluffy yellow bird. It’s not what you think” – Koo, Indian social network, considered as an alternative to Twitter for Brazilians unhappy with its purchase by Elon Musk. And that’s how Brazilian netizens spent the entire week back in fifth grade.

“Remove discriminatory McCarthyist labels on Chinese accounts. It’s a shame if you don’t remove it” – Chen Weihua, regional newspaper head China Daily, complaining to Elon Musk that his account has a label that says “Chinese state-affiliated media.” The owner of China Daily is none other than the Central Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party. Twitter is banned in China.

“I voted thinking about the presidency. Then I realized it was his Twitter account. Can you count my ‘no’ vote as a ‘yes’ vote, please?” – Joel Pinheiro, philosopher and political commentator, making a mistake when voting in Elon Musk’s poll about Trump returning to Twitter. Joel, don’t you know that messing with the electronic vote after it’s already done is a threat to democracy?

“I’ll stay here. Rooting for this horrible Elon Musk to go to Mars. I like Twitter. That’s the truth. Decided: I stay. [Emoji de olhinhos.] And I hope” – Míriam Leitão, journalist, who thinks she and Twitter are so important that they deserve their own Fico Day. Less, less.

Cantinho da Copa


“The Coast is rich, but apparently it’s easy” – Arthur do Val, former state deputy better known as “Mamãe Falei” , mocking Costa Rica’s 7-0 defeat by Spain. It’s a clear reference to the lines that led to his being ousted when he made a completely pointless trip to war-torn Ukraine, where he pretended he was making Molotov cocktails and sent audios to a WhatsApp group saying that Ukrainian women “are easy because they are poor”. You can see how sorry he is.

“And if Tite puts Cristiane on the field? Or Martha? Or Adriana? Then that goal comes out” – Caê Vasconcelos, UOL reporter, before Brazil’s two goals against Serbia. Despite efforts to equalize earnings between female and male athletes, which ignore the inequality between the popularity of the sports, the first Mixed Soccer World Cup is still not foreseen.

“It had to be an anti-Bolsonarista LGBT to save. So I’m even rooting for Brazil. Long live Richarlison!!!!” – Nina Lemos, columnist for Universa, UOL’s progressive website and a constant source of joy for Frases da Semana. She is confusing Richarlyson Barbosa Felisbino, already retired at almost 25 years old, who declared himself bisexual this year, with Richarlison de Andrade, 25 years old, who scored both goals in the selection’s World Cup debut.

“Brazil 2. Neymar 0” – Gregório Duvivier, a politically spiteful “comedian” who, if he could, would put only the players who voted for Lula on the field. Caution: you may not close the team.

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