Quotes of the Week: “We are the powers of good”

“Nós é que somos os poderes do bem”, disse o ministro do STF na semana em que passou

“We are the ones who are the powers of good”, said the minister of the STF in the last week | Photograph:

“In honor of the PT members who do not understand the moment we are living, and in disrespect to the new owner of twitter, I say goodbye, sincerely.” — José de Abreu, actor and spit champion from a distance, announcing his departure from Twitter, after Elon Musk almost bought % of the social network, and very concerned about the possibility of putting into practice even the freedom of expression he promised. silence opponents?

“This announcement by Elon Musk to buy twitter It’s just another smokescreen to cover up the corruption of the MEC and the olive brushes. — Achilles, journalist, and twitter personality (Twitter personality is more or less like Miss Osasco), warning everyone about this billion dollar scheme by Elon Musk made just to divert attention from what happens in Brazil. Olho Vivo!

“The lockdown in Shanghai has a lot to teach Brazil” — Revista Isto É In the lockdown praised by the magazine, pets found on the street are being killed the population is starving and drones are doing surveillance to avoid any disobedience. Apparently the people from Isto É magazine read the book “1280” and thought the villain was Winston Smith.

To take the children off the teats of the spotted chicken and put them on Marx’s teats

” — youtuber and communist influencer Laura Sabino, celebrating a contract to make the “first Marxist cartoon in Brazil”. Folks, cultural Marxism doesn’t exist, it’s a conspiracy theory, see?

“We must not overestimate the enemy, we are very powerful. We are the ones who are democracy. We are the ones who are the powers of good. to push history in the right direction. Evil exists, it must be faced, but evil cannot do more than good.”

Luís Roberto Barroso, Minister of the STF, throwing away any disguise of exemption and impartiality and showing which side is cheering for. “The strength of beautiful Brazil overcomes the horrors that we have been going through” — Caetano Veloso, singer, musician and composer and certainly a member of Beautiful Brasil, talking about his new album, ‘Meu coco’ , in an interview with the newspaper O Globo. In the same interview, he said that he has “fluid” sexuality. The only thing that doesn’t flow in Caetano is the desire to appear at any cost.

“Elizabeth 2nd, the longest-lived queen in British history, dies at the age of 20” — Folha de S. Paulo, killing Queen Elizabeth, who — rest assured — is still alive. It could be worse, the queen could have won the Santa Catarina Championship.


“The whole world became poorer after Elon Musk. It is scandalous that such capital accumulation is considered normal. Judging the character of the citizen is not the question, but discerning about the social and technological conditions that make such an economic aberration possible is a serious matter.” — Marcia Tiburi , who, with this reasoning typical of those who don’t know anything about economics, it gets its deserved space here in Frases da Semana. Just to clarify: when Elon Musk was born, in 1971, more than % of the world population lived in extreme poverty. The index has dropped to 9.2% currently. It seems that after Elon Musk the world actually got richer, much richer.


Passion of Christ will fall on a Friday and will amend with the end of week.” — Call from PT website Brazil 247 (2+4+7= ) earlier this year, talking about the holidays. Imagine the surprise of the site’s editors when they find out what day of the week Palm Sunday falls.

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