Quotes of the week: “Petrobras’ billions are nothing…”

“Are such right-wing black candidates really black?” – tweet from Instituto Luiz Gama, chaired by Silvio Almeida. The comment refers to an article by Folha de S. Paulo, according to which “parties that most elected black federal deputies are from the right”. For the rest, draw your own conclusions about Mr. Almeida.

“For an imbrochable bolsonarista like our president, when Bolsonaro’s daughter gets dressed, she looks like a bitch” – Barbara Gancia , journalist, offending a child of 12 years – just because she is part of the path for which everything is allowed.

“I have no problem with Petrolão or Petrolinho” – Lula, ex-convict, in one of the many slips he committed during the debate at the Band. Of course not, Lulu. We know it very well.

“Bolsonaro puts his hand on Lula’s shoulder. Meekness? Of course! Aggressiveness that pretends to be meek” – Reinaldo Azevedo, creator of the term “petralha” converted to neo-Lulism. It was tame, it was domesticated.

“Did anyone else hear Bolsonaro say ‘denigrate’?” – Jandira Feghali, communist federal deputy. In left-wing Brazil, where there are no real problems, controlling language is a priority.

“Tarcísio flees from an act in Paraisópolis during an alleged exchange of fire” – alleged magazine Fórum, in an alleged report that demands from the candidate for the government of São Paulo the courage to face criminals. But imagine what would happen if Tarcísio appeared with a weapon in his hand, defending himself from the attack. Just imagine!

“Elect Lula to rescue democracy and the rights of the working class” – FENAJ, National Federation of (Some) Journalists, declaring support for the ex-convict and shaming the class. In time: so far FENAJ has not given a peep about the very clear cases of censorship and intimidation against Gazeta do Povo, Jovem Pan and Brasil Paralelo. And we bet our diplomas that it will continue like this.

“The Celtinha of Guilherme Boulos pays 4% of IPVA in São Paulo and the guy who has a yacht, a private jet, a helicopter, pay nothing. It makes no sense. We have to review the Brazilian tax system” – Fernando Haddad, ex-post and candidate for governor of São Paulo. Celtinha do Boulos, beetle from Mujica: the old socialist tactic of dressing up as poor and defending ideas that increase poverty.

“If Bolsonaro wins, it will happen in Brazil, the same as happened in Hitler’s Germany. History repeats itself. Luckily, we have a chance to pull the handbrake on history with the vote, in 16 days from now. Do your part to save humanity, starting with saving Brazil” – Marcia Tiburi, “philosopher”, “exiled” and other adjectives with quotation marks. It’s the thing: everyone I don’t like is Hitler.

“Today I’m sad. I know my father’s influence well, he’s giant, loved by so many… But he plays for the wrong team and he’s blind ”- João Guilherme , son of country singer Leonardo, who declared his support to Bolsonaro. It is said that, despite being of legal age and such, the Internet that João uses to say that “tá tisti” is paid for by his father.

“To put you all tied up in a current, throw kerosene, set fire (…)” – Anderson França, blogger and former newspaper columnist. Whoever guesses who this great defender of democracy supports and what group he wants this Jacobin death from wins.

“When they arrest, they stop quickly” – Alexandre de Moraes, president of the TSE and minister of the STF, who has just granted more powers to himself, consolidating his absolutism. It is biblical: “pride comes before destruction; the haughty spirit before the fall” (Proverbs 16: 18-19).

“What is demanded of Lula is to assume a program that is not ours” – Rui Falcão , former PT president and candidate’s campaign coordinator. To find out what the PT’s program is, just take a look at the news about Argentina and Venezuela.

“Justice makes a preemptive attack on the fake news market” – José Casado, columnist for Veja, totally divorced from common sense. “Preemptive strike” is newspeak for censorship. And, as you can see, there are people who like it. Oh, yes.

“Materialization of the undue advantage offered to the electorate, given the unusual and low price for this type of drink” – Electoral Public Ministry of Goiás, which accuses a wine store of the very serious crime of selling the drink at R$22 – the same number as Bolsonaro.

“Do the L with the book” – Cia. das Letras, editor of Lula’s hagiography which, unlike the wine shop mentioned above, has authorization from the judiciary to sell a biography of Lula at R$13.

“Planet Hemp lyrics make more sense in Bolsonaro’s Brazil” – Marcelo D2. Wow. So, finally, let’s understand what Planet Hemp means when they sing “If Leonardo gives twenty, why can’t Marcelo give two?”. Or not.

“CNN Brasil reiterates its unrestricted defense of democracy and therefore repudiates any type of censorship of freedom of the press and expression” – CNN Brasil, one of the few broadcasters that offered solidarity to other media outlets persecuted by the Brazilian Juristocracy.

“The billions of Petrobras are nothing…”

– Caetano Veloso, Odara singer and songwriter, recognizing that, for the caviar left, what are a few billion deviated in comparison to the aesthetic ojeriza that Bolsonaro awakens?

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