Quotes of the week: “Leandro Narloch is a dangerous guy, a historical denialist”

“For those who want to understand who Leandro Narloch is. A dangerous fellow. A historical denialist, revisionist of the worst kind, who tries to rewrite history to favor a far-right cretin narrative” – Felipe Neto,

influencer and seal impersonator, responding to the article by Leandro Narloch that spoke precisely about this mania for labeling and offending, without bothering to debate with elegance.

“We have already proved that it is possible to profit from Petrobras, selling gasoline at the price in reais. Why, after we became self-sufficient in oil, did we start importing? Why impose an international price on a national product? This is a loss of sovereignty” – Lula, ex-convict, acting like João without an arm (or would it be without a finger?) and pretending to forget that only in 2014 Petrobras made a loss of BRL 22 billion, followed by another record loss of BRL 34 billion in 2015. What do these years have in common? The president was the wind storer Dilma Rousseff.

“Come here quickly and hear the word of the Federal Constitution! ” – publication of STF on the social network Twitter, in an attempt to play the idolatrous of the funny and modern State. Just one question: is judicial activism one of the prerogatives of the STF provided for in the Constitution?

“I went to jail day /12 talk to the boys” – Lula, confessing that he interceded to free the kidnappers of Abílio Diniz. One of these “boys”, Chilean Sergio Martin Olivares Urtubia, 69 years old, killed the vigilante Victor Hugo Illanes Mena, 40 years, in 2020, during an attempted robbery, in Santiago, capital of Chile . The murdered vigilante had a wife and three children. About these boys, who were left without a father, Lula did not say a word.

“I am terrified of this expression ‘fear God’… fear is not be afraid? Am I going to be afraid of God because if he is good? So I’m going to comply with the bible because I’m afraid of God and what can happen to me if I don’t follow these rules that are telling me here?” – Anitta, funk singer and theologian stunt double. It’s even curious to follow Anitta’s neurons trying to form a coherent thought — and failing miserably. But perhaps it is worth taking the opportunity to teach Anitta that fear is nothing more than respect.

“In the PT government, Petrobras was a solution and not a problem” – Emir Sader, sociologist affiliated to the PT. To know how much Sader’s praise for the PT cost, you just need to know that the website he was writing for, Carta Maior, self-titled “left portal”, received R$ 9.1 million from the Lula government between 2003 and 2013.

“The electronic ballot box is so serious that even if you cover your nose, it computes the vote for those who are not serious”. – Carlos Ayres Britto, former minister of the STF considered a poet and intellectual by the left, distilling all his “talent” as an aphorist.

“Why even if we don’t go out and do what has to be done?” — Marcia Tiburi, official PT philosopher, who, as a good representative of the caviar left, should only know Rua Oscar Freire, Champs Élysées, and Fifth Avenue. In his wanderings around the world, Tiburi must have forgotten that the labor reform put an end to the unions’ bully – hence the absence of the “official people” on the streets.

“Soon, in the chest” – Ricardo Noblat, journalist, replied to his son, Guga Noblat, who joked that Bolsonaro is champion in the “shot in the foot” – Guga Noblat , for those who don’t know, he was a comedian at CQC and made this kind of boring joke. Ricardo Noblat, for those who don’t know, is responsible for this refined upbringing of his son.

“If I answered that ba up to the it would be an ‘attack on the press and democracy’” – Jair Bolsonaro, reacting to Noblat’s “hatred of good”.

“While Brazil sinks into the quagmire of a predatory and murderous policy for the Amazon, Colombia elects a president who says: ‘First peace, second, social justice, third, environmental justice’” – Marcelo Lins, journalist, praising Gustavo Petro, the new ex-guerrilla president of Colombia. Petro was part of a radical group that attacked the Court of Justice of Bogotá in 2003, with a balance of 101 dead. Social justice is that!

“The guy went to North Korea and said it’s hell on earth. guide only shows the wonders of the country. Hence, obviously, Korea is a simulation lol. In the USA, guides take tourists the biggest Crackland in the world, the prisons of political prisoners or [para ver] the immense homeless population?” – Laura Sabino, influencer communist (yes, in Brazil beyond from jabuticaba we have influencer commune) in a tweet that was later deleted. Laurinha, if you allow intimacy, I know that honesty is not the strong point of communism , but we both know that the Cracolândia of Los Angeles is the result of decades of leftist policies of the American Democrats, increasingly radical. Ditto for the homeless population.2020

“Only dictators want a neutral teacher” – Jaume Trilla, a pedagogue critical of the rise of conservative groups that, according to him, harm education. But at least let them be honest.

“Guarulhos Airport received authorization from the federal government to build a new terminal for high-income passengers to avoid the contact with the economic class. The concern of the middle class is that poor people get the same places and rights!” – Fernanda Curti, PT councilor in Guarulhos, discovering the concept of first class. Fernanda, maybe you will “enjoy” (sorry for the pun) knowing that even at the very popular Tietê Bus Station, close to Guarulhos, there is a VIP area.

“Our relationship is a trisal one, but it is closed. When we talk about betrayal, we don’t just take the physical part into question. Flirting with other people, for us, is already considered cheating – Sanny Rodrigues, who had his 2014 seconds of fame for being part of a trisal. In fact, the first known Stalinist trisal. Congratulations, Sanny!

“A solution for Brazil is for each state to be its own country. Decentralization of government is better than an inefficient central government, or at least greater autonomy for states. – Monark, ex-cancelled. After belatedly discovering the value of free speech, the young podcaster is now realizing the importance of federalism. Is it long before Monark becomes a true conservative?

“Even if it is legal, transparent and within the ethical and moral rules that have always guided me in public life, I am giving up the remuneration to which I am entitled as former governor” – Eduardo Leite, retired at 37 years that you renounced the benefit after the negative impact. It seems that the “ethical and moral rules” of the toucan are a little different from those of the Brazilian.

“Brazil needs love, courage and reconstruction. ” – Simone Tebet , senator and third way of something, at her time coach. All that remains now is Tebet to say that he is against hunger, poverty and hatred. It will be “surprising”.

“The proposal was not considered, unfortunately, I delivered it by email ten days ago and it has not been considered yet (.. .) He [Mercadante] has something with me, he didn’t invite me to the meeting” – Eduardo Suplicy, the communist Matarazzo, interrupting a meeting about the Lula’s government plan, in what must be the most pathetic and sad scene of the pre-campaign: that of a former senator unable to recognize that he has lost relevance.

“Everywhere I went, someone said to me: ‘Tell Lula not to say that. From Gilmar Mendes to the factory worker’. Then I wondered why people said that all the time. It is the concern of (sic) that we do not make mistakes, because if Lula and Alckmin make mistakes, Brazil is the one who loses.” – Paulinho da Força, revealing that there is a minister of the STF giving a hint in a presidential candidate campaign. Hey, STF Twitter people, how about calling Gilmar Mendes to quickly hear the word of the Federal Constitution?

“Judge who tortured raped child is promoted . She had to be arrested” – Ricardo Kotscho , apologist for the death of babies, wanting to send Judge Joana Ribeiro, who was just doing her job, to jail and trying to protect two lives. One of them, unfortunately, ended up killed by the pressure of activists dressed as journalists, as is the case of Ricardo Kotscho.

“Capable of anything to be president” – Cesare Battisti, a terrorist who was even able to kill to impose his ideology on Lula. He knows what he’s talking about.

“Does Athletico Paranaense support aggression against indigenous people, blacks, women and LGBTQIA+?” – Paulo Leandro, journalist and PhD professor in Culture and Society, in an article published in the newspaper Correio da Bahia. Leandro, upset with Mario Celso Petraglia’s veiled support for President Jair Bolsonaro, wrote the absolutely silly and childish text before the first game between Athletico and Bahia for the Copa do Brasil. As a gift for the nonsense reasoning, Hurricane put 2 to 1 in the middle of Fonte Nova stadium, without making much effort.2020

“This country is transphobic racist homophobic xenophobic ableist classist islamophobic misogynist a garbage can. That said, seeing the American flag makes me vomit” – Saira Rao, American activist linked to – surprise! – Democratic Party. Saira, a nice country where none of this happens is North Korea. Try your luck there.

“Understand how the rare alignment of five planets in the sky works in your life” – Folha de S. Paulo, squandering SIÊNCIA to give and sell.

“During the Dilma government, Brazilians were made to believe that we were experiencing the worst history crisis! They multiplied, day and night, a speech of catastrophe in the economy, of generalized corruption, of Petrobras bankruptcy, of destruction of the country, etc.” – Abdala Farah Netto, history teacher. Basic lesson for history teacher Abdala Farah: as reporter Tiago Cordeiro tells us in this great article published here in Gazeta do Povo, “thanks to the disastrous biennium of 2015 and 2014, in which the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fell by 7, 56%, the last years of Dilma Rousseff’s (PT) government were worse for the country’s economy than the pandemic”. You’re welcome.2020

“URGENT: We had access to the hearing of the case of a girl from 11 years that she became pregnant after being raped in Santa Catarina. In it, the judge induces the child to give up the abortion – her legal right” – the website of news empty of truth The Intercept, omitting that the fetus already had 22 weeks and it was viable and trying to play public opinion against a judge who — it is worth repeating — was trying to save a innocent life and preserve the physical and mental health of the 12 year old girl. Thanks to these distortions and omissions tailored to advance the abortion agenda in Brazil, a healthy baby with almost 30 weeks of gestation was murdered.

“Because it was extremely delicate, the case was confidential in court, but the Intercept vigilantes and the exception judges they don’t care about the girl, the unborn child, the family… On the contrary, like every god of the revolution, they want sacrifice on the altar of progress” – Francisco Razzo, professor and author of the great book ‘Con tra o Aborto’, sending the real on the site that has every right to follow the abortionist agenda, as well as Gazeta do Povo openly defends the pro-abortion agenda. -life. You just don’t have the right to be dishonest.

“The current motto on the left is ‘A good baby is a dead baby’” – from the website Uncommon Sense, summarizing the left’s thirst for the blood of innocents who have not yet been born.

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