Quotes of the Week: “It felt like a Ku Klux Klan meeting”


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Lula: “Parecia uma reunião da Ku Klux Klan. Só faltou capuz. Porque não tinha negro, não tinha pardo, não tinha pobre, não tinha trabalhador”
Lula: “It looked like a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Just missing a hood. Because there were no blacks, no browns, no poor people, no workers”| Photo: Playback/ Facebook/ Phrase.It

“There is nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing secret in the Electoral Justice” – Alexandre de Moraes

, STF minister, responding to accusations that his new Nucleus of Intelligence against Violence (and low spirits?) in the TSE would be a kind of secret service. In this we are obliged to agree with Alexandre de Moraes: all arbitrariness committed by the Judiciary is in the open. Just do not see who does not want.

“So far, what happened to him was that he committed suicide, nothing else has been proven. I hope prosecutor Luciani doesn’t do something like that”- Alberto Fernández , President of Argentina, evoking the tragic death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman to intimidate fellow prosecutor Diego Luciani, who asked years in prison for former Argentine President Cristina Kirchner. Fernández and Kirchner, these leaders who are so delicate and concerned about the lives of their adversaries, are Lula’s friends. Just saying…

“You don’t know how good it is for us to earn a salary and at the end of week to take our family and take them to a restaurant to eat. The pleasure of a mother going out with her husband and children and knowing that she doesn’t have to wash the dishes” – Lula, candidate and progressive charmer, not quite sure how to deal with this new thing called “identitarianism”. That’s why PT members loved it when Lula said that she would drop the microphone “to save her voice”. Too bad (for PT members) that the ex-convict’s vanity speaks louder.

“They filed a lawsuit with the TSE to prohibit people from saying: Lula went up, the gasoline went down. So, let’s not repeat that Lula went up and gasoline went down, okay?” – Humberto Costa , senator and valiant anti-fake fighter news, reaffirming the lie that was supposed to be beneficial to its candidate. For this fake news, by the way, Alexandre de Moraes conveniently turned a deaf ear.

“Come celebrate the Círio and see the biggest religious festival in the world, where evangelicals, Umbanda, Candomblecists, everyone participates because the party belongs to the people, it is no longer belonging to the Catholic Church.” – Edmilson Rodrigues, mayor of Belém, apart from the feast of Our Lady of Nazareth of Catholics. It’s the magic of elections that, every two years, make atheists conveniently hide atheism in the closet.

“People working with mushrooms, plants, ants, another creating a fermentation tank, a trans woman who produces milk…” – Marcello Dantas

, general curator of the Mercosul Biennial, about the artistic attractions of a biological nature at the event in Porto Alegre. You can’t help but lose. The theme this year is “dreams, trauma and escapes”. It applies well.

“Bolsonaro now passes Lula in SP, shows Quaest. Is happening. And many people have their arms crossed” – Guilherme Amado , journalist on which Alexandre de Moraes & Randolfe Rodrigues relied to promote a search and seizure operation against coup businessmen. It’s happening: the masks are falling.

“Bolsonaro’s wife has something to eat and, therefore, proposes fasting. However, there is symbolic violence in this speech, considering that 50 Millions of people in Brazil are food insecure” – Marcia Tiburi, philosopher with one hundred thousand quotation marks, ignoring or pretending to be unaware of tradition religion of fasting, which has nothing to do with Holodomor or the Great Famine of China – these, yes, two historic events that killed tens of millions of people.

“Justice in Paraná searches and seizes irregular materials from Sérgio Moro’s campaign (…) . What morals do these people have? They can never keep the law!” – Gleisi Hoffmann

, president of PT. The irregularity, in this case, was the size of the letter of the saint (!), and not money in suitcases or bribes from a contractor.

“If current predictions are correct, President Jair Bolsonaro will be defeated by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. (…) will join other Latin American countries where there is renewed hope for progressive social change.” – The Lancet

, medical journal, in editorial praise to Gustavo Petro and Gabriel Boric. A medical journal. Magazine. Doctor. Doctor!

“Feeling used is a b” –

Anitta, funker and political influencer, can you believe it? The message left many people intrigued. It could be heart aches, of course, but it could also have to do with a certain red star that the funk singer has been showing recently in a part of her body that is not worth mentioning at this time.

“To romanticize these people is to romanticize crimes against humanity. There is no good monarch” – Cecília Olliveira

, journalist, about the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Take these people seriously
that refers to a dead personality as “those people” is to take seriously the insanity that, since the guillotines of French Revolution, killed millions of people.


“Note that there is a candidate who does not hold a rally. And it’s not that you don’t do it because you don’t want to, it’s because you don’t bring people together” – Lula, you-know-what-he-is, the day before the commemoration of the Bicentennial of Independence. Lula, as is well known, is the candidate who most goes out on the street and any small discussion of him gathers 29 trillions of people.

“It felt like a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Just missing a hood. Because there were no blacks, there were no browns, there were no poor people, there were no workers” Squid, ex-convict, insulting everyone who took to the streets on September 7. And opening up the hypocrisy of someone who preaches unity, but has always benefited from the “us against them” speech.

“I ​​never understood why the military parade on the 7th of September. First, Brazil’s independence is the result of a political process, not a war. Secondly, I don’t think they are representatives of freedom in this country. Far from it” – Adriana Carranca

, journalist, frowning with the streets full of green and yellow for the ephemeris. And there’s no point in frowning. The truth is that it is the military who maintain freedom in every country that can afford to call themselves free.

“Bolsonaro managed to transform the 7th of September – and the bicentennial! – in a day of hate” – Marco Antonio Villa , historian and commentator, mistaking the cell phone screen for a mirror.

“And on Brazil’s independence day… they ask for the return of the monarchy. Brazil is not for beginners anyway…” – Free Journalists , free from the duty to tell the truth, confusing Independence with Proclamation of the Republic. Detail: they weren’t the only ones. Read the sentence below:

“The Brazilian flag says ‘independence or death’, not ‘impotence is death’.” – Basilia Rodrigues, journalist (another one!) . She worked so, so, so hard to come up with the super maxi plus ultra pun, to come up with the catchphrase that would put her among the greats – it came to this.

“Can our flag be used for this? Is this patriotism? Using the national symbol for an ideological message that does not encompass the entirety of the Brazilian people?” – Vera Magalhães

, journalist (one more! ), on a banner held by businessman Luciano Hang with the phrases “Brazil without abortion” and “Brazil without drugs”. Answer: can, is and yes. Also because unanimous “ideological message” only exists in North Korea.

“Imbrochable or imbrochable? Understand the meaning of Bolsonaro’s speech” – UOL Educação, fulfilling the civic duty of teaching the correct spelling of the slang that designates erectile dysfunction.

“Pedro II was a progressive liberal, today he would defend the legalization of drugs” –

Pedro Doria, journalist (I can’t believe it!), imagining winged bears, pink dragons and a half-rastafarian emperor, do you know?


“Electric vote count in Chile, for the new Constitution. Pinochet’s will be BURIED, and Chileans are deciding today whether the text of the Constituent Assembly will come into force, or whether a different one will have to be written.” – Mônica Bergamo , journalist, making a big mistake result forecast of the Chilean plebiscite. This is the same Monica who, last week, guaranteed the reliability of Datafolha.

“They made a constitution completely mystifying, full of identity peculiarities, a series of nonsense from this leftism that comes from the United States” – Ciro Gomes, presidential candidate, proving once again that even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

“There was a lack of firm, clear and credible leadership, with popular support, to take over the leadership of the constitutional text. In the end, the Constitution of the dictatorship of (Augusto) Pinochet remained in force” – Nicolás Maduro , dictator of Venezuela and undeniably a firm leadership, although not clear and much less believable. Leftist dictator recommending leftist dictatorship to a leftist president hitherto democrat. Ah Latin America…

“Tolkien is turning over in his grave” –

Elon Musk, billionaire and leap-year film critic, about the new series from Amazon lightly based on “The Lord of the Rings”. Don’t be fooled: Musk is not a billionaire for nothing and he saw in the conservatives a large and unexplored market niche.


“Lula celebrated Senator Marta Suplicy being called a pby the protesters. For her to learn, she said ”– Vera Magalhães

, journalist, in other times and another life, when she had not yet been infected by the psychotic antibolsonarism virus. But it looks like Pfizer is already developing an experimental vaccine, you know?

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