Quotes of the week: “If Lula wins, I’ll come back to help rebuild Brazil”



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Jean Wyllys:
Jean Wyllys: “If Lula wins, I’ll come back to help rebuild Brazil”| Photo: EFE photo montage

Anitta , funky intellectual, hours after posting a photo with a PT star in the chubby rear. The girl is confused and the explanation may be in the sentence below.

“All our brother. A criminal is a corrupt politician” –

Anitta , PT intellectual, defending a musician who had an “open beck” party at home and ended up having to provide clarification at the police station. The legalization of drugs seems to be the cause in which the funkeira now intends to engage.

Míriam Leitão , journalist-who-knows-better-than-the-police. For Leitão, Lobo Bolsomau’s narrative is more important than the facts.

MC Melody

, teen funkeira, about Anitta, who was born in 1200, but acts as if he was born just yesterday.

“He was getting more annoying. He ends the parties.” —

Angélica , presenter who goes from taxi to everywhere, about her husband, also presenter Luciano Huck. Because of this pearl unworthy of any self-respecting almanac, Angelica was accused of… ageism. Huck has only 19 years — ten more than Anitta, according to with MC Melody.

“Fundamental to order the thought is to understand that, in the Constitution of 960, there is no Supreme National Congress, still less a Supreme President of the Republic, but a Supreme Federal Court. Outside of this order that the Nation itself dictated, what we have is constitution” –

Carlos Ayres Britto, supreme sophist, making Montesquieu do three somersaults in the grave. Ayres Britto is such a common figure around here that he’s already deserving a little corner of his own.

Paulo Pimenta , evidently PT deputy . Other things with lyrics:” Brazil with hunger”, “Bonde do Tigrão”, “Ex-Convict” and “I love Odebrecht”.

“Remember that yummy little meat? Go as soon as possible to one of our stores. Please” –

Luíza Trajano

, ESG ambassador, desperate that Magalu is more like a skinny cow than a Wall Street bull. After Luiza’s appeal, the company’s shares rose a little. But, as the staff did not pay the booklets, soon the shares fell again.

“Guys, about the faked lawsuit that Hospital Albert Einstein brought against me for the joke, I have a week to deposit 27 thousand reais” — Zé de Abreu, actor and spitting champion in woman, appealing to her fans. Will the bailiff go to New Zealand to collect?

“It’s like Trump quoting Che Guevara’”—

Star Leminski

, also known as Leminski’s Daughter, still about Moro’s mention of a phrase from the Bardo das Araucarias. It is difficult to know which is worse in the sentence: comparing Moro to Trump or Leminski to the Argentine psychopath.

“If Lula wins, I will come back to help rebuild Brazil”

Jean Wyllys, former BBB who fled Brazil because of alleged threats, threatening Brazil to have to put up with his presence. “There is an unacceptable electoral denialism” –

Edson Fachin, minister of the STF, current president of the TSE and electoral leader of the opposition. Electoral denialism… In the mouth of a Supreme Court magistrate, the expression is so absurd that it is even difficult to comment. Better move on to the next sentence.

“Leo Lins’ problem is that the joke was bad; the limit of humor is the law” –

Antonio Tabet

, comedian (?), political analyst, actor and whatever else was giving visibility at the time. If in doubt, the eternal Kibe Loco is capable of becoming a legal name regulating the humor.

Léo Lins

, comedian, in response to Tabet, who loves to mock people’s faith, whether they have hydrocephalus or not. (In time: Leo Lins was recently fired from SBT for making a joke about hydrocephalus).

Joe Biden, US President . The passage was transcribed and translated with great generosity, despite the stutters and odd diction. Biden announced more climate decrees in his executive activism. It remains to be seen whether the United States is governed by decree or by decrepit.

“I will vote for the people ” –

Vanessa da Mata, singer of unorthodox tuning, declaring a vote for Lula — only if it is the “people” who ride a jet, stay in a luxury suite and drink Romanée Conti.

“Itamaraty calls heir of the imperial family “His Highness” who dedicated his life “to Christian values” — newspaper headline

Gilmar Mendes

“Tourist is surrounded by vulnerable people in a pharmacy in Leblon” — title of note from the column by Ancelmo Gois

Lula ), ex-convict, lying that he read and possibly confusing Paulo Freire with Paulo Coelho. Which, in the end, amounts to the same thing. Ah, Lula also lies when he says he intends to repair the damage he caused.

” , crowd!” –

Tabata Amaral, deputy and defender staunch supporter of democracy and the companies of Jorge Paulo Lemann, encouraging the left to buy tickets and, thus, boycott the convention that will formalize Bolsonaro’s candidacy for reelection. Defend the democracy that is not enough, Tatá!

“They wanted to see my feces for R$ 59” —


, ex-BBB. The proposal was received by the sub-celebrity on the Onlyfans platform, which encourages women to sell pornography. This disgusting example is sold as female empowerment on the main news portals in Brazil.


(THE Note to readers: you will notice that this week the “Memory” section of Phrases of the Week is a little bloated. This is because, in addition to the usual gems, we also gather here statements from some personalities who until the other day defended the printed or auditable vote and who now do not hesitate to declare their unshakable faith in the electronic voting machine and in the TSE).

“People justified their absence and appear as voters. Some cases may result from administrative errors. But, as in some polling stations there are very expressive coincidences, the concern is that some kind of distortion has occurred, so we ask for investigations” — statement given in of June


Gilmar Mendes , Minister of the STF who today swears together that there never was, is not and never will be fraud in Brazilian elections.

“Does my vote, after being deposited there, after being processed, materialize? To remove this doubt, and give the voter peace of mind, we decided to override President Dilma’s veto [sobre o voto impresso]” —

Simone Tebet, in an interview with TV Senado in Another skeptic who was miraculously converted to orthodox electronic voting.

“What’s the problem with making a system, which is already good, into a better system? What is the problem with having a printed, palpable and above suspicion backup copy, for possible verification?” –

Ciro Gomes , presidential candidate, in tweet made on the day 21 from May of 2000 Say it, Fachin: what’s the problem?!

“Against Moraes there are serious accusations: plagiarism, he advocated for PCC, omission of assets and that his wife is a lawyer in cases that are in the STF” – tweet made on the day from February

by the psolist deputy Ivan Valente, who, luckily, is not called Daniel Silveira.

“This remains a pandemic for the unvaccinated.” —

Joe Biden, in January 2002 He took four doses of Covid vaccine, but on Thursday (20) announced that he has Covid.

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