Quotes of the Week: “I only lost my temper after three days with a horde of savages after me”

“It’s about family. Family is a man and a woman and children” –

Embassy of Russia in Canada

, accompanying a photo with a “forbidden” symbol on top of a LGBT flag. Except if the family is Ukrainian. In this case, a family is a man, a woman, the children and a bomb.

“As an old man in the government, I’m enough” – Lula, dismissed for CEP error and re-elected, saying what he thinks of the “call Meirelles” of the liberals who voted for him.

“Yes, I said ‘lost, dummy, don’t bother’. But I would like to say that I only lost patience after three days in which a horde of savages was chasing me. So I, humanly, lost my patience”

Luís Roberto Barroso, minister of the STF. Riddle for you: what is the difference between an enlightened minister and an ordinary citizen, when humanly they lose their temper? Only the last one is arrested for contempt, insult and “threat to democracy”.

“The Supreme Court is the target of much misunderstanding. (…) There is no activism , I think, in Brazil, there are very rare cases. What exists is a certain protagonism of the Supreme” – Luís Roberto Barroso

, once again. You know how it is: when ministers use false statistics to create a law to criminalize homophobia in Brazil, they are only playing a certain role.

“In my career previous year, I received every two days what I receive today per month as a Senator. And still having to hear attacks, offenses and ingratitude. I will never corrupt myself!” – Marcos do Val, senator for Espírito Santo. It seems that he owes almost a thousand reais to the bank, as the bank statement that he himself published says. If he doesn’t know how to manage his own money, how will he manage ours? About how much he earned before, that part was that old story of “bragging with humility”.

“What a shirt , which leader, which person would you prefer by your side? Someone who shares your joy? Or someone who is jealous of her?” – Marcos Uchôa, journalist, showing a photo of Neymar supposedly being “cold” while hugging his teammate Richarlison on the field, next to a photo of Messi giving another player a more brotherly hug. Contemplate Marcos’ journalistic method: biased selection of sources, context manipulation and mind reading. And they still ask why journalism is in crisis.

“Neymar is greatly missed in the game” –

Shocked, an account of futility on social networks that acted as a pro-Lula fake news megaphone in the elections, about the player’s absence from the World Cup match against Switzerland. This same group cheered against Neymar just because he voted for Bolsonaro.

“Words can be weapons. Hate speech online can lead to cruelty in real life. See tips on how you can say #NoToHate” –

United Nations

. Seriously, the UN itself said so. When an institution repeats propaganda in favor of censorship with little Care Bear talk, what to do? PS: Science has not even been able to show that politically incorrect humor leads to “real-life cruelty”. contain protests against the Covid-zero policy in the country” – CNN Brasil

, in a gaffe on social networks. To the station’s credit, the content of the report used the correct words: repression and dictatorship.

“That headline never appeared on CNN. Get Better” – CNN Communications, in response to an Elon Musk meme that read “CNN: Elon Musk could threaten free speech on Twitter by literally let people express themselves freely.” It’s doubly fun: CNN does meme checking, a new tradition in journalism, while using vocabulary from the Mother Superior of Lacração: “improve”.

“ If Elon had to pay a fine of 40% on the FGTS for all these employees, none of this would be happening…” – Mariana Jungmann, political journalist and correspondent for Terra do Contrario, in which a rich country has the laws of a poor country. He’s referring to the firing of half of Twitter’s employees.

“A month ago, under leftist control, Twitter had banned the word ‘groomer’ [‘aliciador’] while pedophiles were free to call themselves ‘MAPs’ [‘pessoas com atração por menores’]. And are we to believe that Elon Musk is the problem?” – Blaire White, conservative transgender influencer. Nothing to add, your honor.

“The point is mine and I give it to whoever I want” –

Bárbara Carine Pinheiro, a professor at UFBA, explaining why she gives extra-point work to her engineering students at night, but not to her “overwhelmingly white” students in her morning class. Then identity holders claim they are “anti-racist”. And we are the Care Bears.

“Democracy package provides for imprisonment of up to four years for those who close roads with the aim of contesting election results” – Octavio Guedes, reporter and political commentator, in the title of an article about Senator Renan Calheiros’ project. Even Bolsonaro did not support the street lockers, but there is a delicious irony in “you are arrested in the name of democracy”. for the State that issues its own currency” –

Jones Manoel

, Stalinist influencer (are not our times of TikTok with wall remarkable?), eloquently demonstrating how the Venezuelas appear.

“Guys, my column on Universa [site progressista do UOL] is over. It wasn’t my choice. But it wasn’t personal either. The reason is a big change they are making, which has nothing to do with me” – Nina Lemos, journalist. Frases always sheds a tear when it loses one of its main sources. Now, “it’s not you, it’s me”? We’ve heard this one before. Cherish yourself, Nina!

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