Quotes of the Week: “How are we going to create new jobs? I do not know how to do”

“Bolsominions are demons / Who came out of hell / Straight to the cult to play hidden friend with Satan in a condominium” – Chico César, singer and composer, also author of the wise verses “Ô amarrara dzaia soiê/ Dzaia dzaia/ Aí iii iinga dunrã”. Detail: in the presidential debate recently aired by Band, journalist Mônica Bergamo, who shares, shall we say, elective affinities with this group, said that it is a crime (crime!) to associate politicians with demons.

“This election will not choose a government, it will choose a regime” – Fernando Haddad, candidate for the government of São Paulo and ex-post of the ex-convict. Sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? There are three government regimes: monarchy, republic and dictatorship. As it is unlikely that Haddad is talking about the return of the monarchy…

“I got a present, the death of an imperialist monarch responsible for various violence there, right, worldwide. I was very happy” – Letícia Parks, editor of Esquerda Diário and founder of Quilombo Vermelho, live with the presence of José Genoíno, the eternal “warrior of the Brazilian people”, giving that show of typical leftist humanism.

“Is it 12 September? Oh God, I got the date wrong. Oh God, I hate this!” – King Charles III, king. To understand the relevance of this phrase and, consequently, of the real piti, it is worth reading this text by Theodore Dalrymple.

“Guys, he’s a really spoiled boy, who always had everything in hand. Think about it, you being raised in a place full of people to serve you” – Ana Maria Braga, TV presenter. Faced with this comment, King Charles III sent word that he is considering abdicating the throne.

“To have a ruler who instead of making peace and love makes the symbol of hate, of the weapon. I don’t think anything is right” – Xuxa, former queen of the little ones. If Bolsonaro wins, Xuxa promises to join Marcia Tiburi and Jean Wyllys in self-exile. Promise is debt, huh?

“After all, where is the countryman in Rock in Rio?” – Splash, UOL’s culture site. The answer, UOL, is in the question itself.

“The gravedigger tricked me only once. The gravedigger in that little story that the gravedigger pretends to be dead to pick up his wallet” – Bolsonaro, represidentable, about Michel Temer, who articulated the ill-fated letter to the action that, in theory, , and put theory into it, would seal the peace between the Executive and the Judiciary.

“I would open an artisanal bakery and a vegan market” – Júlia Rocha, communist candidate for deputy, answering a little sealing question : what would you do if capitalism didn’t exist. But what prevents her from realizing the dream of the progressive entrepreneur? Oh yes. She’s a communist. It’s explained.

“This week, an 8-year-old girl came to give me a list of priorities for Brazil at the rally: ending illegal mining, reducing weapons, distributing income to the poorest and guarantee rights for everyone” – Lula, ex-convict. This child there is being subjected to practices of child politicization that should be prohibited by the Geneva Convention. Someone call the Guardianship Council for this girl before she joins the PSOL!

“How are we going to create new jobs? I don’t know how to do it”

Lula, in a rare moment of honesty. Experts say that the chance of this phenomenon should repeat itself only when Halley’s Comet passes Earth again.

“I will embarrass you on this platform 100% of men who declare their vote on the slate 12 % male (I’m talking about proportional). You cannot possibly not find this shameful. End” – Debora Thome, political scientist and feminist. The end.

“In this election there are only two possibilities: either you vote for Lula or you vote for the Nazis. Make your vote useful” – Fabio Pannunzio, journalist and PT member, insisting on calling the public a Nazi. And to think that in just two weeks the PT will be on the streets, offering chocolate cake and trying to convince voters with a speech of peace and love.

“Everything indicates that we are entering another Covid low with recent immunity holding the virus. If the behavior of the pandemic continues, we should see another wave from November/December” – Átila Iamarino, biologist and alarmist, nostalgic for the times when he still managed to create panic .

“It’s a film that couldn’t be made in Brazil” – Fernando Grostein Andrade, self-exiled director, on his new pamphlet against Bolsonaro. That’s courage, huh? I want to see a film about Alexandre de Moraes made.

“I wake up every day wanting to kill humanity and there is nothing to change that inside me” – Felipe Neto , influencer progressive, confessing the high feelings that move him.

“Indigenous people refer to other people who are not indigenous as white men. And black people are also included in this list” – Ysani, indigenous Tiktok influencer, taking progressives’ postmodern identity and blah-blah to their ultimate consequences: blacks are now white .

“Necessary, adequate and urgent” – Alexandre de Moraes, I illustrate, justifying the blocking of bank accounts of businessmen. As the sad score on the cover of this Gazeta do Povo shows, the judicial persecution has lasted almost a month.

“The Archdiocese of São Paulo states that this narrative does not match the reality about the life of Santa Marina, venerated by Catholics” – Archdiocese of São Paulo , needing to explain to identity activists that, contrary to what is shown in the short film São Marino , narrated by a priest (!), the saint is not transsexual.

“Who said we are going to tell them ? We go to Sunday school. What the church wants most is to get a brother or sister to take care of the children” – Laura Astrolabio, communist lawyer, explaining how she will take advantage of the goodwill of the church to indoctrinate children and teach them the basics of communism. Just wait until the kids start to starve. Or being sent to a little gulag.


“I think it’s a good time for journalists to debate the role that the media played (and continues to play) in the rise of fascism” – Elika Takimoto, hunchback, criticizing Vera Magalhães for the journalist’s work when she was anti-PT. Astonished? Are you going to tell me that you really believed that the hard-line PT would side with Vera Magalhães?

“Hi Vera Magalhães, I and many public women have long been in the crosshairs of the fascists who are now also turning against you. Sorry. I invite you to defeat the fascism that now threatens you, electing Lula in the first round. Choose: Lula or fascism. We are waiting for you!” – Marcia Tiburi, aggressively-passively seducing Vera Magalhães to the ranks of petismo.

“What happened yesterday after the debate of the candidates for the SP Government is regrettable for many reasons. In the first place, there is no justification for provoking a journalist and trying to embarrass her for free at her place of work, without her having given any reason to do so” – Eduardo Bolsonaro, inaugurating the new phase of the father’s campaign: Bolsonarinho peace and love.


“I’m not crazy. I don’t rip money. I don’t hurt people. I know how to talk properly” – Rafael A., anonymous who has not left his apartment in Rio since March 2020 ) and collects in a bag all the hairs he lost in that time, in addition to all the bottles of alcohol he used. He was interviewed by BBC Brasil in an article about people who remain in lockdown to this day, afraid of contracting Covid-19.


“SCANDAL: in During the electoral campaign, YouTube recommends videos from Jovem Pan that privilege Bolsonaro, with fake news against the elections and who call Lula a ‘cob leader’ and ‘mentally ill’” – Mônica Bergamo, journalist, scandalized that an algorithm that privileges interesting content and in line with the public.

“I open the YouTube page and he recommends me what? ‘Os Pingos nos Is’, by Jovem Pan” – Mônica Bergamo, journalist, still scandalized by this “fascist” platform called YouTube.

“If you don’t want to, don’t watch it, damn it. I also didn’t want to be seeing your tenth tweet on this subject. I don’t even follow you, but it’s showing up as a recommendation for me. That’s life” – Priscila Chammas, journalist and entrepreneur, in response to Mônica Bergamo.

“Send whoever can. He who has sense obeys” – Mônica Bergamo, journalist, laying bare the true authoritarian spirit that the elite insists on calling democracy.

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