Quotes of the Week: “Holodomor is a farce created by supporters of Nazism”

“Holodomor é uma farsa criada por apoiadores do nazismo” – Humberto Matos, professor de história

“Holodomor is a farce created by supporters of Nazism” – Humberto Matos , history teacher| Photo: Montage on Twitter photo

“Biological and chemical laboratories found in Ukraine, supported by the USA, use migratory birds and inoculate them with viruses. Birds are numbered to act as carriers on other continents and discharge viruses, diseases, epidemics, as a silent and deadly weapon.” —
Leonardo Boff, one of the greatest propagators of the infamous “Liberation Theology”, a sacrilegious mixture of religion and Marxism, freaking out hard on the potato.

“Why journalism is important:

– everyone on the networks replied that ex-BBB Larissa made a VIP presence at a college

– whoever found out found out that she actually visited the old school where she studied.” —
Fernando Oliveira, the ‘Fefito ‘, UOL columnist, editor-in-chief of Buzzfeed Brasil and host of a gossip show, making Truman Capote do a triple jump pike twist in the grave.

“When the people understand that capitalism is totalitarianism?” —
Marcia Tiburi, our favorite philosopher and owner of an almost captive space here in Frases da Semana. Good is the communism experienced there in Paris, right?

“Spread the truth: Holodomor is a hoax created by Nazi supporters”

Humberto Matos
, self-styled “professor of history, passionate about economics, popular educator, organized Marxist militant in the PSOL and socialist communicator on YouTube”. It is not enough to deny the Holodomor, it is necessary to call those who speak the truth Nazis. Will STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes fit this figure into the fake news inquiry? Nothing goes…

“I keep imagining that God is PT” — Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. He “got it” (© Casimiro) by praising Gleisi Hoffmann’s skills as a manager of the Workers’ Party. He managed to offend God and the managers in the same sentence, which still wasn’t the worst of the week.

“This family agenda, values ​​agenda, is something that is long overdue, and it is authorized by a man who has no morals to do it. He didn’t take care of their children.” —
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, once again. Lula, the families’ agenda does not depend on Bolsonaro’s authorization, it is a matter of common sense and decency, virtues that one day you may have the grace to know. At the same meeting where he showed what he thinks of the family, Lula also defended abortion.

“Boycott of (sic) Will Smith proves that colonialism reinvents itself right in front of us” — title, with the wrong crase and all, from the website Yahoo Brasil. If you decipher what this means, please send letters to the newsroom explaining, because nobody here understood so much sealing.

“Coritiba wins Catarinense and closes weekend of decisions for state teams across Brazil” — headline in the newspaper’s sports section

Folha de S. Paulo this Monday (). Need to comment?


“Hitler, even wrong, had what I admire in a man, the fire of proposing to do something and trying to do it” —
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in an interview with Playboy magazine in

Congratulations, Lula, with these three sentences you won the Triplex Award (which belongs to my friend) of the week.

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