Quotes of the week: “End of quote. repeat the speech”

“The attack on former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, the longest-serving politician, mortally struck the idea, built up over decades, of a country immune to the insanity of firearm violence. ” — Marcelo Lins, journalist, rushing to associate the murder with an anti-gun cause that doesn’t even make sense in the Japanese context. What militancy doesn’t do, right?

“Forced birth in a country where black parideires have maternal mortality between two to three times higher than that of white parideires.” — Rage Against the Machine, a band whose name suggests revolt against the “system”, but which adheres to the identity vocabulary that reduces women to the condition of “parideira”.

“He was imprisoned for 7 months for defending me” – Lula, ex-convict, extolling the heroic deeds of Maninho do PT, a militant who almost killed a man by pushing him against a truck. And then he has the nerve to complain about the climate of political belligerence that has taken over the country.

“Mestiçagem do Brasil was born from rape” – Valter Hugo Mãe, Portuguese writer. Progressives say they do not agree with the idea that “miscegenation is genocide”, but insist on claiming that the only possible origin for the Brazilian mixture is rape – a thesis already overturned here in Gazeta do Povo ) with history and biology.

“Secret budget is the biggest banditry ever done in 200 years of Republic” — Lula, making his presence felt once again here in Frases da Semana. And so honest that he lies until the age of the Brazilian Republic.

“Vegans have stronger erections and have better sex” — Xuxa, the tender queen of the little ones and fools, at the São Paulo Book Biennial. Only in Brazil for the combination of Xuxa, veganism, erection and books to exist.

“On such a sad day, marked by the death of Marcelo Arruda, in a period of acute violence, only the Timão to make me happy, I just saw that Corinthians beat Flamengo 1-0. Go Corinthians, here’s a bunch of crazy people, crazy about you #Corinthians”. – Zeca Dirceu, son of José Dirceu. For leftists, the death of a militant is only suffered until Coringão’s first goal. Then it becomes just useful again.

“Who would have thought that we would be here praising and defending the electronic voting machine” — Marisa Monte, singer . So it is. Until the other day, the left was against electronic voting machines and made a documentary to prove that they can indeed be hacked.

“With the Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace, Venezuela is at the forefront of building a new humanity of respect, cooperation and solidarity among fraternal peoples” – Nicolás Maduro, bloodthirsty dictator, abusing communist jargon to justify the hatred of the good that feeds this rabble’s revolutionary impetus.

“Bolsonaro must be upset. The law forbids him to grant grace to those who commit heinous crimes. Like qualified homicide, for example” – Antonio Tabet, professional quibador, seizing the first chance to proselytize politically in the face of tragedy.

“Olavo de Carvalho. It’s a good thing he died. And there are more people from his gang to die. Mary Shelley and her mother would vomit in the face of Congresswoman Ana Campagnolo because she exists. of the holocaust” – Eduardo Bueno, historian, in a fit of political fury to say he was outraged against political violence. Somebody give the man some chamomile tea!

“End of quote. Repeat the line”

Joe Biden, President of the United States, reading the teleprompter. Biden is reputedly the most powerful man on the planet and has thousands of nuclear warheads in his possession. Just saying…

“Nobody imagined that Bolsonaro would be the worst president in history” — Simone Tebet, senator and presidential candidate, whose sentence is here just to serve as a ladder to the next one:

“Liar. Or dumb. Or conniving. Or all things together. If there is one thing that Bolsonaro cannot be accused of, it is that he disguised at some point that he was a corrupt fascist and linked to banditry. Anyone in politics and in the press who joined him always knew this” — Jean Wyllys, ex-BBB, commenting on Tebet’s sentence. I bet if anyone called him a liar and a fool, Wyllys would soon pull the homophobia letter out of his pocket. But the identity left allows itself to be misogynistic at will. After all, for them there are no women, only “parideires”.

“I’m not PT and never have been. But this year I’m with Lula and anyone who wants my help to make him rock here on the Internet, tik tok, Twitter, instagram, just ask me that being within my reach and not being against the electoral law I will do it” — Anitta , funkeira, influencer and intellectual of the occasion, doing everything in their power to appear. Good times when a watermelon in the neck was enough.

“Being a woman is not easy, especially in these sad times when machismo is state policy” – Jandira Feghalli, communist deputy. Machismo is such a state policy in Brazil that a woman can be elected a deputy and go around talking nonsense like that. Wow!

“Sex is not limited to male and female” — statement by WHO, World Health Organization. Yes, the same one that bowed to China and let the Covid virus spread, killing millions. It’s a lot of çiênsa; it’s too çiênsa.

“Violence has always been encouraged in this government. In the speeches of him, of his children, of the secretaries, in the display of weapons as a trophy. In the way they treat women, the differences. In the way they stand around here. It doesn’t work for us. You just can’t – Ingrid Guimarães, actress, psychoanalyst, sociologist and whatever else she wants to be. Brother from PT sent his best wishes.

“Now I don’t just want people to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also want people to have jobs, access to leisure. May airports become bus stations, full of poor people walking around” — Lula, ex-convict, confessing that he wants a country full of poor people. Typical of communists, the fetish of misery never fails.

“The ability of Salnorabo to bring out the worst in each of us is impressive. I’ve never felt anything like what I’ve felt, and this is both horrible and inevitable” — Sérgio Rodrigues, showing that even great writers go wrong when they write with their liver. The first tip is: use salt only in food. The second is deeper: giving in to the worst that some people bring out in us is never “inevitable”. This is called “resisting temptation”. Better luck next time.

“As the poet from Paraná, the great Paulo Leminski, once said, ‘wanting to be exactly what we are will take us further’”. — Sergio Moro, pre-candidate for the Senate from the State of Paraná. And to think that a Carlos Lacerda of life was a Shakespeare translator… next:

“It’s an insult for this person to use Paulo’s words to promote himself. Paulo Leminski would never agree with that” — Alice Ruiz, the Widow Porcina das Araucárias, psychographing the political opinion of the pun that Moro considers a poet. Not even the dead can abstain from political polarization in this country.

“What we want is for Johnny to be Johnny for life. May Mariazinha be Maria all her life, may they constitute a family, may her character not be misrepresented in the classroom.” — Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil. According to the newspaper “Folha de S. Paulo”, this speech is homophobic.


“Astrology allows you to identify and alleviate emotional wounds. Find out how” — headline from Universa, from the UOL portal, one of those sites that follow the WHO’s scientific guidelines while consulting the stars By the way, watch out for Mercury retrograde next week, huh?!


“Dear Fernando Haddad, it is not my party that is commanded from inside a prison. Not even my campaign was launched at the door of the penitentiary. In São Paulo, criminals take hard cane. We built 99 new prisons and reduced criminality” — Geraldo Alckmin, candidate for vice president of the guy who commanded Fernando Haddad’s party from inside a prison 200.

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