Quotes of the Week: “Elon Musk is a symbol of unlimited income concentration”

Guilherme Boulos:

Guilherme Boulos: “Elon Musk is a symbol of income concentration without limits”| Photo: Arte – Gazeta do Povo

“Why Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase Could Be Bad For Women?” – Nina Lemos, columnist for UOL . This was just one of the columns that began to question the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk this week, which was marked by the crying and gnashing of teeth from the left, caused by the possibility of the network being freer.

“Elon Musk and Twitter: Freedom of Expression Worries Experts” — website headline Metropolises. The good thing about freedom of expression is that it allows even this kind of thing to be published.

Elon Musk may announce the purchase of Twitter today for 43 billions of dollars. The amount is SIX TIMES HIGHER than what is needed to end world hunger, according to the UN. Billionaires shouldn’t exist. Never.” — Leonel Camasão, president of PSOL in Florianópolis. Billionaires never, but refuse the 50 millions of reais from the party fund that the PSOL receives, no way?

“Elon Musk is a symbol of unlimited income concentration” —

Guilherme Boulos , far-left politician who has tried to be president of Brazil, in , boasting all this vast knowledge of economics. Raised 0,04% of votes.

“How can Twitter improve being bought by a scoundrel?” — Carlos Latuff, extreme cartoonist -left who hates the state of Israel. Now, if scoundrels even make bad drawings defaming Israel, why couldn’t they buy Twitter?

“A future of abundant and equitable expression scares people like Elon Musk” —

Anand Giridharadas, American writer. “Equitable expression” is how to say “censorship of the good” in leftist language.

“It is false that Elon Musk demands Carlos Bolsonaro president” — “news” check made by Yahoo Brasil. Swear?

“I hope even my harshest critics stay on Twitter, because that’s what free speech is all about”

Elon Musk, ending the discussion with the elegance that his critics lacked.


“It’s just a few drops, but yes, we consume each other’s blood for ritualistic purposes only” —

Megan Fox , actress. Then these same weird Hollywood people want to impose their unorthodox beliefs on the rest of the planet.

“I respect Lula. Bolsonaro no” — João Doria , former governor of São Paulo, also author of the following sentence, in 2022: “Lula in jail, he is a thief, a liar.” Which Doria believe in?

“Pabllo Vittar appears naked in a photo and fans point out the singer’s pregnancy” — Site TV FOCO

, whose writers missed biology classes at school.

The fate of Sergio Moro will end up being similar to that of Joseph McCarthy, the leader of the anti-communist crusade in the USA, in the decade in 50. This character ended his life in alcoholism, marginalized and abandoned by those who fawned over him. The former judge of Curitiba is already rolling downhill.” —

Breno Altman, journalist for the Opera Mundi website and columnist for the far-left PT website Brasil 50, expressing your good feelings.

“I want to apologize for using the term ‘japinhas’ during today’s space. I understood right away that this expression hurts people. That will never happen. Sorry” — Juliette, ex- BBB, paying tolls for the leftist people who think that “words hurt”.

“It’s forbidden to tell jokes in the world, it’s boring as hell. The world is heavy. You know, all jokes have now turned politically wrong. So, it’s not funny anymore. If you want to laugh, it’s on these comedy shows It seems to me that after Chico Anysio died, comedians disappeared in Brazil” — Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Apparently even Lula can’t stand political correctness anymore.


“THE past is not dead. Not even past”

— William Faulkner

Content edited by:Jones Rossi

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