Quotes of the week: “Bolsonaro wouldn’t be president if elections hadn’t been rigged”

“Djamila Ribeiro is a woman, philosopher, writer, feminist and black. She was elected and will occupy the chair left by Lygia Fagundes Telles at the Academia Paulista de Letras. from his vision and books”. – Simone Tebet, the “hope of the Third Way”, buying racialism’s pig in a poke. If these are Tebet’s intellectual influences…

“I was an idiot” – José Padinha, filmmaker, about having trusted Sergio Moro. In the same interview, Padilha said he was a voter of Lula – which indicates that the verb in the sentence may be in the wrong tense.

“It’s a absurd that Zé Neto is a millionaire with music and I am not. Sorry for the lack of humility, I drank a lot, but the discrepancy is dirty, hey. – Teago Oliveira, non-famous artist, revealing the envious rivalry that reigns in Brazilian culture. But who would listen to an artist called Teago? Teago!

“If you are able to still today, after Brazil was destroyed by Bolsonaro, still not vote for Lula, Ave Maria, you are a Nazi or something like that.” – Xico Sá, PT writer and animator, in a tweet that was later deleted.

“Bolsonaro would not be president if the elections of 2018 had not been rigged” – Erika Kokay, deputy. There is no record that Alexandre de Moraes , Luís Roberto Barroso or Edson Fachin have been bothered by the deputy’s frivolous accusation. Oh, of course. PT can, right? and everything.

“Lunch time, I think I’ll order a pizza with ‘pau no mito’ flavor”. – Guga Noblat, famous surname, using this infamous pun to celebrate the numbers of the latest Datafolha survey.

“We cannot live in a World where the policeman is always the good guy and the thief is always the bad guy” – Amanda Klein, journalist, putting the tico and the teco to wrong.

“It will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import firearms in Canada” – Justin Trudeau, prime minister and collector of colored socks, criminalizing gunpowder.

“Is it time to criminalize fatphobia?” – BBC, international news service. Here’s the opportunity: if your BMI is greater than 25, you can send that skinny disaffection to jail. How about it?

“R$ 900 thousand fee for a romantic pop singer for a show? A writer doesn’t get that in ten years of events in city halls, book fairs, lectures, schools. Not even in twenty”. – Marcelo Rubens Paiva, the Teago Oliveira of literature, conveniently ignoring the fact that all public money spent irregularly with artists is deplorable, and not only the money spent on country singers.

“I believe that Marcos has already forgave” – Elize Matsunaga, who became famous for killing and dismembering her husband who, in the afterlife, upon hearing that phrase, certainly left his heart in pieces.

“Wow, I received an invitation to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s birthday and I’m totally offended! Do I look like I support colonizers?” – Gabi Oliveira, black activist. Buckingham Palace staff is inconsolable with the absence of militant Gabi.

“Out, Bolsonaro!” – Kakay, lawyer for the white-collar stars, during a match at the Roland Garros tournament in Paris. A few days later Kakay participated in an event on electoral law alongside Alexandre de Moraes and Edson Fachin. How about it?

“My deepest hope is that these two smart and capable men will have the opportunity to heal, talk it over, and reconcile” – Jada Pinckett, wife of Will Smith, talking about the clash between her husband and comedian Chris Rock. Jada, by now you should be bald to know that the world of celebrities is like that.

“Being anti-racist starts by admitting that whiteness is a disease” – Morgan J Freeman, influencer, white. Not to be confused with the actor Morgan Freeman, the god of “Almighty”.

“Pedro Dória you are nothing less than a wretch. Every tragedy that happens to you is little, you pustule” – João Coimbra, lawyer and pre-candidate for the Communist Party, in a typical manifestation of the ideology he defends. For this type of hate speech and threat, the STF conveniently turns a deaf ear.

“It’s dating, we are together” – Márcio Maranhão, doctor , assuming he’s dating actress Marjorie Estiano, but next year maybe not.


“Alexandre de Moraes advocated for the PCC and made up police lethality data” – official profile of PT. It is impressive how the “PCC lawyer”, appointed minister by the “coup fighter”, suddenly became a “defender of democracy against Bolsonarist fascism”.

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