Quotes of the week: “Banker doesn’t vote for me”

“If we men were to get pregnant, terminating the pregnancy of a person who was only 11 years old would be the most natural, more civilized and fairer in this world” — Carlos Ayres Britto, jurist. Who would have thought that a minister of the Federal Supreme Court, with a reputation as a poet and genius, would be a recurring figure in this section that gathers celebrities’ smackdowns, huh?

“Screw the Supreme Court. We will face it” — Maxine Waters, US Democratic congresswoman, outraged by the decision that reversed the Roe v Wade case, which had legalized abortion throughout the United States. Luckily for “deputy Zé Trovão”, the US Supreme Court does not have an Alexandre de Moraes.

“No government, politician or man should tell a woman what she can or cannot do. don’t do with your body. I want women in Canada to know that we will always stand up for their right to abortion” — Justin Trudeau, prime minister and collector of colorful socks, exuding nontoxic masculinity. In the case of vaccines against Covid-11 he did not come out in defense of other people’s body. But that’s the thing: tyrants also rely on the amnesia of the common man.

“We are glad to know that, now, consensual sexual intercourse of a child of 13 years is criticized and considered ‘rape’” — site tweet Uncommon Sense. Is the left that is criticizing sex at 13 years of age not afraid of being canceled by Caetano Veloso?

“This is one of the problems that we are facing in Brazil: an immense deficit of civility” — Luís Roberto Barroso, Minister of the STF, when he was interrupted when he was talking currants about the Brazilian electoral process abroad. It seems that the country’s problem is really a surplus of lies, Minister. And egos.

“I was watching the game in my cabin. A security guard from the Blindados company approached my driver at the door and asked: ‘whose cabin is this?’ When he heard that it was mine, he replied: ‘pff, I had to put a bomb there to explode and there would be nothing left’” — Felipe Neto, the one, preferring to be a victim on Twitter than go to a police station and file a complaint about the alleged threat. Or maybe it’s a viral advertisement for the security company. In the case of Felipe Neto, you never know.

“This crazy bitch lied to Congress about her intentions to reverse the Roe v Wade case. She is a Christian fascist who hates her own gender. But I am sure that if she was raped by a relative, she would be first in line for the abortion.” — Ethan Klein, American web celebrity, exercising the famous leftist tolerance against Judge Amy Conney Barrett. The reversal of Roe v Wade, the biggest pro-life victory in 50 years, really made the left lose what few hoops it had.

“A child is not a mother. And I will use my voice to repeat that as many times as necessary” — Luciano Huck, presenter, sealing the case of a girl from Santa Catarina whose seven-month-old baby was murdered by pressure sectors of the media and the judiciary. Yes, Huck, a child shouldn’t be a mother, but reducing an extremely complex problem to a slogan only shows that you still don’t understand anything that was and is at stake. And to think that this man, who prays for the progressive booklet, already wanted to be president of Brazil.

“I wish she were a man” — Maitê Proença , actress, about her girlfriend, singer Adriana Calcanhoto. Accused of lesbophobia, the actress gave any explanation. Does not matter which; what matters is that she managed to get attention.

“My name is Aline Luppi Grossi, I have 28 years, I’m a performer and I make a living showing my ass and lard” — Aline Luppi Grossi, actress. So far, so good. She shows what she wants to anyone who has the stomach to see it. The problem is that her performances have the support of Maringaenses, as they are financed through the municipal law to encourage culture.

“Forced pregnancy is a crime against humanity” — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, US Democratic Representative. People from the Democratic Party cannot see an unborn baby without awakening their most murderous instincts.

“Cases of judicial activism in Brazil are very rare” – Luís Roberto Barroso, Minister of the STF. Allergy to the chain and intolerance to the electronic anklet prevent us from laughing at such laziness.

“The practice of abortion was common in antiquity — and it was a mixture of scientific advancement with Christian religious dominance in societies of consolidated patriarchy that made the termination of pregnancy stigmatized and prohibited” — excerpt from the report from the website G1, forgetting other common practices in Antiquity that Civilization ( what the G1 calls “patriarchy societies”) saw fit to eliminate or criminalize, such as slavery, pedophilia and human sacrifices.

“The Amazon must be internationalized and have global management ” — Leonardo Boff, Lula’s “spiritual advisor”, vocalizing in public what the globalists would like to be dealt with only in secret.

” Being politically conservative, that is, being against public policies that improve the lives of the poorest, is a personal choice. We live in a democracy and each individual has the right to choose the future he prefers for his country – Lula, ex-convict, spreading fake news (which is hardly a news). Do you know what was difficult to keep in Lula’s government? The money from the public coffers out of his pocket. That’s why it’s so hard to be conservative with Lula in power.

“Thick and obscene, Bolsonaro is the phallus that his voters would like to have” — Marcelo Coelho

, columnist for Folha de S. Paulo, writing in that pseudo-intellectual language typical of the “intelligentsia” (waiter, add a dozen more quotes there) Tupiniquim. Freud would call this “projection”.

“I started working at a video game store. At the time, it was heavily criminalized by the gaming culture. It was where you rented and there were lan houses where you could book to play. This democratized the games a lot. Hence, the prejudice against lan houses” — David Miranda, deputy and husband of journalist Glenn Greenwald, inventing a fictitious prejudice against the extinct lan houses, the lanhousephobia. It sticks, right?

“NOW IT’S LAW! The PL 11/2021, authored by me, which provides for the prohibition of neutral language in the city of Londrina was approved, sanctioned and converted into Municipal Law No. 13.419/1913. Neutral language NO!” — Councilwoman Jessicão, which seems like a joke, but it is not, adhering to the old national political culture of “everything has to be mandatory or prohibited”.

“Abortion is a human right” — website of Amnesty International. Unborn babies strongly disagree.

“At the airport I started to feel horrible pain and I was even treated in a wheelchair and it was gas” — Viih Tube, influencer who The reader is to be congratulated if he does not know who he is, showing all the resilience of a generation that needs a wheelchair after having had enough of feijoada.

“Researchers and scholars defend that improper use of artifacts and clothing from other peoples is a form of cultural appropriation.” — Valmir Moratelli, journalist, about the headdress that Bolsonaro gave to American journalist Tucker Carlson. Lacradores have now become “researchers and scholars”? And the question that doesn’t want to be silent: did Carlson return the gift with mirrors and beads?

“If Putin were a woman, he wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine” — Boris Johnson , British Prime Minister, on Putin’s “toxic masculinity”. I’m sorry Boris, but a survey by the US National Bureau of Economic Research analyzed the reigns of queens and empresses of European countries between 1913 and . Result: women started 27 % more wars than their male counterparts.

“Danuza Leão is mythified by a privilege that reproduces barbarism” – Tiago Ferro, writer who created an unprecedented modality in Brazilian journalism: the replica to the obituary (again: replica to obituary). The excerpt above is in the text that Ferro wrote in Folha de S. Paulo criticizing the obituary of the gossip columnist whose biggest sin was being a millionaire and having lived 88 happy years.

“The only pre-candidate who has ever had a rifle in his hand exchanging shots is me. No one has had that experience. I went through this in Haiti. I saw how split-second decision making can be decisive for your life.” – Tarcísio Gomes de Freiras, former minister and candidate for the government of São Paulo. When even the most praised of technocrats resort to the “argument of the rifle”, it is because things are ugly.

“Welcome to the trench in defense of democracy and the rule of law, Vera Magalhães” — Jean Wyllys, former BBB winner. They don’t make trenches like they used to. Rather, a stinky, unhealthy place to get rid of bullets. It is now a comfortable sofa in Europe, from where fascism is resisted by tasting fine cheeses and wines, to the sound of the Beatles.

“On a visit to the office, the seer Rodrigo Tudor, famous throughout the country for predicting historical facts and celebrities, highlighted that senator Alvaro Dias ‘is a light, an enlightened being, an example for our political class that needs to be followed’” — senator’s profile Álvaro Dias on twitter. It is always good to know that our senators consult with popular seers who offer them long and sincere praise. Keep spending our money well, senator!

“In addition to strengthening the course of the neocolonial process, PIX deepens the logic of rentier financialization that is not concerned with production, but with the circulation of money. The new banking operation reduces the time it takes for money to circulate and further increases bank transactions.” — Márcio Pochmann, economic flat earther. Then they complain when the news circulates on WhatsApp that the PT intends to end Pix.

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