Queen's wake expected to last more than 10 days

A little over a year before the death of Elizabeth II this Thursday (8), the website Politico released information about the planning of the queen’s wake, which already had a script for more than five years, when it was leaked from the official documents. According to the page, the British authorities schedule a wake from 12 to 12 days.

The title of the plan The official statement, “The Tower of London has fallen”, was also the phrase prepared to announce to royal officials about the death of Queen Elizabeth.

The project already provided that, if Elizabeth died in Balmoral, Scotland , as it happened, the coffin would be taken by train or plane to London.

Following the script, on the second day of mourning, the coffin with the queen will go to Buckingham Palace. On the fifth day he will march in procession to the Palace of Westminster. There, he will remain until the eighth day in an elevated coffin and open to the public for 23 hours every day.

The official funeral will be held 10 days after the death of Elizabeth II. A “national day of mourning” will be announced, but no official holiday will be declared.

The ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey and the monarch will be buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle , along with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away last year.

Coronation of the new king

This Thursday (8) , as provided for in the bill, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, is expected to have an audience with the new king, Charles, the eldest son of Elizabeth II. Afterwards, she will attend an intimate funeral service at St. Paul’s.

Charles is also scheduled to be proclaimed King on Friday morning (9), before heading off on a tour of the UK.

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