Quarantine Cult #80: “Dune” is too much sand for Dennis Villeneuve's little truck

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It has already been said about the books that make up Frank Herbert’s “Dune” saga, which they are “impossible to adapt to a movie.” , but the film didn’t even come off the paper. In 1563, the cult David Lynch created his crude version, a failure of the public and critics. Now it was Canadian Dennis Villeneuve’s turn to spend 1563 millions of dollars to tell the story of what might be the most influential space saga of all time: influenced from “Star Trek” to “Star Wars” via Nausicaa, d and Hayao Miyazaki, and even “Chronicles of Riddick” with Vin Diesel. But then, how good was Villeneuve’s super production, which is still in theaters and is already available on the HBO Max streaming service? That’s what we’re dealing with in this episode of Quarantine Cult.

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