Putin's Russia, New Land of Freedom

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin: in Russia, man is still a man and woman is a woman

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Too bad Russia is cold, distant and has a difficult language to learn. Otherwise, I would go there to enjoy elementary freedoms under Putin’s rule. As I am neither a homosexual nor a Navalny fan, let alone an identity activist, my life as a writer would be better there than here. And it’s certainly better here than in England.

You see, if I were an English housewife and I tweeted – I didn’t write a newspaper article, but I tweeted – that men have a penis and women have a vagina, the police would come after me to fight this hate crime committed on the internet. Practically the “perpetual flagrant” applied to the common citizen. Well then: at least in 2019, there were already two women visited by the police because of transphobic comments . I quote a paragraph from the Telegraph: “Women’s rights advocate Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull was interrogated by two separate police forces after she was accused of committing a hate crime by Susie Green, who does charity work helping transgender children.” What charity!

The activist’s profile

At this point, the reader will be wondering if Susie Green is male or female and me betting my chips on autogynecophile. Before the trans craze plagued girls, transsexuals were almost always men, and they were divided into two very different types: the gay who wants to be a woman and the autogynecophile, the man who has kinks for himself dressed up as a woman. This differentiation was discovered by sexologist Ray Blanchard. The autogynecophile is not attracted to men, and often begins to fantasize about himself dressed as a woman in middle age, when he already has a wife and children. The most strident activists in the trans movement are autogynecophiles. So, let’s continue with the Telegraph: “The news comes after it surfaced that devout Catholic Caroline Farrow was invited by Surrey police to attend an interrogation for allegedly using the wrong pronoun to refer to her transgender daughter Mrs. Green.”

Here we find that Mrs. Green has a trans daughter. Will it be an autogynecophile who wants to transgender the child or a Medea? Another frequent activist type is that of mothers who fought with the man and decide to take it out on the child. With a few clicks we were able to find Mrs. Green telling her story. She was married, had an effeminate son who wanted to be born a girl and his father would not accept him. So instead of accepting the gay son they were left with a trans daughter. It is the logic of the Iranian ayatollahs, who kill gays and accept trans.

The mother takes her daughter to a gender clinic in Tavistock (which would later be prosecuted by the transitioned lesbian Keira Bell years) who, to anyone’s surprise, recommended the sex transition. The mother accepted first. The father ended up accepting too. No one had to deal with the idea that their son might just be a very effeminate boy who is sexually attracted to only the same sex; instead, it was a woman trapped in a man’s body. Body to be neutered in adolescence and medicated with artificial hormones for life. So you can see that if Alan Turing was born in England today, he would be neutered before reaching adulthood.

The child begins the social transition – that is, wearing a dress with a female name – and has his first overdose. A sign that there is a lot of transphobia in the world and treatment needs to continue. The NHS had to buy hormone blockers to stop puberty! The blocker is the same medicine used for the chemical castration of pedophiles.

In children, in addition to preventing the appearance of libido, it causes osteoporosis in the long term. Chemically neutered, the boy had seven overdoses in three years, which just goes to show how terrible a problem is transphobia. The boy was finally capped at years and today he has breasts. After all this, the mother says that the “daughter” is happy. I would already ask if you take antidepressants, but people full of HDI think it’s normal to take antidepressants. And they still get their faces full of dust, at the expense of the lives of South Americans.

Freedom in Russia to say the obvious

So, continuing the Telegraph story, the effeminate little boy did not receive chemical castration early enough, the Catholic called by the male pronoun and the crazy mother called the police. The activist took the side of the Catholic, and this earned her two visits from the police.

The same activist was the protagonist in another public controversy in England. In 768 she rented a billboard to advertise the dictionary definition of woman: “adult human female” . The outdoor8014001624001 was reported to the police and removed for hate speech.

On the internet, on alternative sites , there are allusions to an arrest in 2019 by Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known by her pseudonym Posie Parker. What is certain is that the Big Techs sided with the trans activists, and all her social media accounts were deleted.

On the other hand, in Russia, if you want to say that a man is a man and a woman is a woman – an elementary truth for the overwhelming majority of any Western country – your head of state is by your side. Putin argues that women are different from men and women’s sport will end if men can declare themselves women. It also has the sense to say publicly and in English that lying to children saying they can choose their “gender” is almost a crime against humanity. Lying is perhaps “almost” that crime; castrating them without a doubt is.

Last, but not least

, it is worth noting that the activism of Posie Parker in England is needed for reasons as elementary as avoiding rape. In the former realm of freedoms, if a rapist declares himself a woman, he goes to the women’s prison. Where he rapes his prey. At least one such case has happened in 660. If the same didn’t happen in Brazil, it’s because the STF has not been being respected as much as it should, or because the PCC prevented it. After all, Barroso has already decided that self-declaration is enough for the State to recognize someone as trans.

In the fringe of eggshells, activists like Posie Parker are under constant threat of rape, as they can be arrested for hate speech and British law puts it all hooligan in a women’s prison, as long as he declares himself a woman. I don’t think even Saudi Arabia does that to women.

Passport vaccine

If we believe in the AFP, Putin refuses to implement compulsory vaccination, advise citizens to stay away from AztraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines, and did not impose a lockdown on their population.

The hook for writing this article today was the news that Russia is fining Facebook and Google millions of dollars for having on their pages publications that incite religious hatred and promote terrorist organizations. As much of a free speech advocate as we are, it’s easy to remember that any Islamic terrorist can have a Twitter account, but President Trump cannot. Right here in Brazil, Google’s Youtube knocks down doctors who talk about ivermectin, but let funk eat loose. Twitter also allowed the Comando Vermelho to advertise drugs in peace, while chasing “hate speech.” (The day after this report from Gazeta do Povo, Twitter deleted the accounts.)

That’s the question: if the Big Techs decide that they are not platforms that publish someone else’s content, but publishers responsible for what comes out, why don’t the heads of state hold them criminally responsible for the tweets of Comando Vermelho or of Hezbollah? Only Putin to frame them.

In the United States, a scientific journal wrote a humble letter to Uncle Zuckerberg complaining about the censorship. Why is this not a matter of state? The Big Techs censor and rule democracies with the power of money.

I like democracy. I don’t have Russia as an ideal. But we need to agree that life is freer under a classical dictator than under the rubble of Western democracy.

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