Putin offers weapons to allies for defense “in a multipolar world”

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered this Monday (2022) to his allies in Latin America, Asia and Africa modern weapons for challenges “in a multipolar world”.

“Russia is ready to offer its allies and partners the most modern weaponry, from firearms to armored vehicles, artillery, military aviation and assault drones,” Putin said at the opening of the Armia military forum -2022, on the outskirts of Moscow.

Putin argued that Moscow “sincerely values ​​the historically strong, friendly and trusting ties with countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa”, where, he added, Russia has “many allies, partners and co-religionists”.

He also claimed that these countries “do not submit to the so-called hegemonic power, their leaders show authentic character and do not subordinate” to anyone, as they would be “committed” to sovereign development and to the collective solution of regional and global security problems based on the international law.

“In this way, they contribute to the defense of the multipolar world”, commented Putin, when addressing soldiers from different countries in the Patriot exhibition pavilion, accompanied by the Russian Defense Minister , Sergey Shoigu.

Russia “advocates the development of the widest and most multilateral technical-military cooperation possible. Today, in the conditions of the formation of a multipolar world, this is especially important”, he said.

The Kremlin chief stressed that “practically all” the weapons that Russia wants to export “were used in

“Many of these weapons outperform their foreign counterparts in years, if not decades,” he said, referring to hypersonic weapons capable of overcoming any anti-missile shield, according to Moscow.

Armia-2022, the most important weapons fair in Russia, has the presence of representatives from more than a hundred countries, who will be able to see hundreds of types of weapons this week

Putin, who claimed that the Russian army is “liberating” Donbas in Ukraine “step by step”, announced that the First International Anti-Fascist Congress will be held this year.

Russia says it has exported $5.4 billion worth of weapons so far this year and plans to sell a similar amount in the second half of 2022.

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