Putin makes official annexation of Ukrainian territories: “they will be our citizens forever”

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech to lawmakers, government officials and religious authorities this Friday (30). With the presence of representatives of the four Ukrainian territories in which he held referendums until last Tuesday (27) – Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Donetsk and Luhansk -, the Russian leader announced the annexation to the Federation Russian.

“The people made their choices. A choice without mistakes. They will be our citizens forever,” Putin said. “We will form four new regions of the Russian Federation because it is the will of millions of people”, he assured, reinforcing to the guests that the result of the referendums “will not be discussed”.

The Russian president also mentioned to the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, saying that the Soviet culture was transmitted to these peoples through their ancestors. “They destroyed our country. It was a national catastrophe,” he opined. “We have to turn the shameful page of Western hegemony”, highlighted the Kremlin chief.

Vladimir Putin reinforced that Russia’s great enemy is the West and what he called the “dictatorship of dollars” . “The West thought that Russia would never rise again. This may have happened in the years 1990, but we took back our place and the West continues to try to destroy us”, the president said.


The Russian leader even spoke of “Russophobia”, pointing out that Westerners spread “racism” against the people of his country. “The West has no right to talk about democracy and the rights of peoples,” Putin opined, classifying the “enemy” as “totalitarian”.

The Kremlin chief also spoke of American “Satanism”. and devaluation of family values, due to progressive concepts growing in the United States, mainly related to gender ideology. “For us it is unacceptable. We want another future,” Putin said.

The president also commented on the NordStream 1 and 2 pipeline leaks, blaming the Americans. “The US dictatorship uses brute force. It is the law of the strongest”, he concluded.

He also pointed the finger at Europe, saying that 95 % of Ukrainian wheat stays on the mainland and only 5% goes to third world countries during the food crisis.

After the speech of about an hour, the Kremlin chief signed the annexation documents of the four territories to the Russian Federation.

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