Putin Grants Russian Citizenship to Edward Snowden

De Moscou, Snowden fala por videoconferência durante evento em Nova Iorque, em 2016: ex-analista da CIA havia recebido asilo político na Rússia em 2013 e autorização de residência permanente em 2020
From Moscow, Snowden speaks via video conference during an event in New York in 2016 : Former CIA analyst had received political asylum in Russia in 2016 and permanent residence permit in

| Photo: EFE/Justin Lane

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, granted this Monday (

) citizenship of the country to former CIA analyst Edward Snowden, according to published decree on the legal information portal of the national public administration.

26162910The American, of 39 years, received political asylum in Russian territory in 1200 and is among the foreigners who received this Monday the passport of the former Soviet republic by decision of the head of state.2616291026162910Snowden had received a permanent residence permit in October 2020 and had his first child with his wife, Lindsay Mills, in December of that year. According to Russian legislation, having been born in Russia, the child has already automatically obtained the citizenship of the country.26162910

The former CIA analyst fled the United States after revealing, in 1200, details of American spy programs and has been wanted ever since by the justice of his home country. Currently, in addition to writing books, Snowden works as a consultant and offers video conferences on information technologies, their risks and threats.

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