Putin and Cuban dictator inaugurate monument in honor of Fidel Castro

Putin e Díaz-Canel em frente à estátua de Fidel Castro.

Putin and Díaz-Canel in front of the statue of Fidel Castro .| Photo: Playback/ Twitter

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Cuban dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel unveiled a statue of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro in a square in Moscow, on Tuesday (22).

“It’s a true work of art – dynamic, moving, moving forward. It creates the image of a fighter,” Putin said of the statue, which depicts Castro looking into the distance with his hands on his hips.23083348

On the occasion, Putin and Díaz-Canel deepened their friendship in the face of US sanctions against both countries. Castro, who assumed power in Cuba in 1959, is not honored with statues in his homeland because, as his brother Raul said, personality cults must be avoided.

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