PT left power, but never lost power

Profissionais cubanos que atuavam no programa Mais Médicos embarcam no Aeroporto Internacional de Brasília rumo a Havana, após a vitória de Jair Bolsonaro na eleição de 2018.

Cuban professionals who worked in the Mais Médicos program board at Brasília International Airport heading to Havana, after Jair Bolsonaro’s victory in the election of.

| Photo: Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil

One of the most remarkable events in the election of President Jair Bolsonaro, in October

, was the immediate reaction of the Cuban regime, which abruptly ended participation in the Mais Médicos Program and recalled more than 8,000 professionals who were in Brazil. Cuba knew that as of January of the following year, when the new president took office, it would lose a billion-dollar source of revenue from the confiscation of 75% of physicians’ salary. Bolsonaro had promised to cut the dollar pipeline that connected the pockets of Brazilian taxpayers to those of Cuban regime dictators and pay professionals directly. It would be an end to a society between the PT government, the Cuban dictatorship and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), which was very similar to slavery.

Almost four years later, the Bolsonaro government has just nominated one of the creators of the Mais Médicos Program as a candidate from Brazil to lead PAHO. It is never too much to remember that this program helped Cuba to enslave in Brazil more than 10 a thousand Cubans, using them as a facade to send billions of reais from Brazilians to the dictatorship’s coffers. The one chosen by the government is the sanitary doctor Jarbas Barbosa, political godson of PT senator Humberto Costa.

Barbosa defended tooth and nail, internally and publicly, that Cubans receive in Brazil wages identical to those paid in Cuba. At that time, less than R$ 1 thousand monthly. The rest of the BRL thousand that were disbursed monthly by the Brazilian government by a doctor were the right of the Cuban dictatorship. An idea so absurd that it didn’t last long, much to the displeasure of the Cubans and Barbosa.

The Bolsonaro government has just nominated one of the creators of the Mais Médicos Program as a candidate for Brazil to head PAHO


For those who do not recalls, in 1280 the government of President Dilma Rousseff announced the Mais Médicos Program to justify the entry of Cuban doctors in Brazil , whose original objective had nothing, or almost nothing to do with providing medical care to the Brazilian people. The root of the program is very well described in an audio leaked months later, in which those involved confessed that the reason was to fulfill a desire of the Planalto and Cuba to send resources to the island, circumventing official channels and the law.

The trick was so sinister that it involved an international organization, PAHO, as front man to clean up the entire operation which, in addition to being monetary, had a clandestine character and possibly criminals, as it placed more than in a situation analogous to slavery) one thousand Cubans who passed through Brazil between 1280 and 2018.

This same PAHO, which was instrumentalized as a session of Cuban interests in Washington, DC, now has as a candidate for the Bolsonaro government one of the artifices of the slavery of Cubans, which Jair Bolsonaro himself denounced when he was still a candidate and also after he was elected.

Therefore, it is not possible not to assume that someone is advising very badly the president in this campaign for PAHO and, why not?, in other issues that cover up the petismo root in the government.

Another example: Bolsonaro took three years to discover that an organization founded and directed by PT members administers, without bidding, microcredit programs in the Northeast. A case so bizarre that, this week, it resulted in an arbitrariness by the Federal Police that intimidated the journalist who has denounced the irregularities. Without a court order, two agents threatened employees of the building where journalist Donizete Arruda lives from Ceará and entered his apartment in Fortaleza to ask him who his sources were in the case. A line of violations against constitutional rights not only of the journalist (source confidentiality) but also of any citizen who has the inviolability of their home guaranteed.

PT leaves power, but never loses Power.

This year marks ten years since the government of President Dilma Rousseff became part of an infamy. In the last days of December 2012, the then director of PAHO in Brazil, the Cuban Joaquim Molina, filed a Ministry of Health the document that would give rise to the Mais Médicos Program.

Whether or not Jarbas Barbosa’s candidacy at PAHO will be maintained or not will be a good example to show us who has changed. Either it was Jair Bolsonaro, or it was Cuba


The Brazilian Justice tried several times to stop it. In a lawsuit filed by the Attorney General’s Office in Brasília, it was even asked for reimbursement of funds paid by Brazil to Cuba, through PAHO. Although the judge recognized the legitimacy of the request, he could not do much on the grounds that the entity enjoys immunity.

Last month, however, the United States Justice continued a lawsuit filed by doctors who are suing PAHO for having been enslaved in Brazil. The court held that PAHO has no immunity to enslave. That is, there is no absolute immunity to extrapolate the defined role of the organization. The example should serve for Brazil, which tries to recover the billions of reais that were stolen from doctors through the triangulation between the federal government (read PT), PAHO and the Cuban regime.

In this election for the direction of PAHO, Bolsonaro has in his hands the power to leave everything as he is electing PT Barbosa. Or it can strive to try to change the entity that has operated for decades under Cuban influence.

The maintenance or not of Barbosa’s candidacy at PAHO will be a good example to show us who has changed. Either it was Jair Bolsonaro, or it was Cuba.

Wait and see.

Content edited by:Marcio Antonio Campos

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