Protests in Russia against the mobilization of reservists have more than a thousand arrested

Policiais arrastam manifestante em Moscou, onde ao menos 409 pessoas foram presas; protestos pedem fim da guerra e saída de Putin
Police drag protester in Moscow, where at least 409 people were arrested; protests call for an end to the war and Putin’s departure| Photo: EFE/EPA/MAXIM SHIPENKOV

Russian security forces have already arrested more than 1,000 people during a nationwide protest called by a peace movement this Wednesday () against the mobilization of reservists announced by the President Vladimir Putin as part of the military offensive in Ukraine.

21173224The organization independent OVD-Info, which follows the arrests and was declared a foreign agent in Russia, said that 1.21 people were detained in 55 cities until mid-afternoon (Brasilia time).

At least 372 people were arrested in Moscow and at least 444 in Saint Petersburg, according to the same source.

21173224The people gathered at the protest in capital shouted “no to war” amid applause and “Putin to the trench”. A protester with a protest placard was immediately detained by agents, who took him away. Others criticized that “the police are the shame of Russia”.

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