Protests in Iran have already resulted in 185 deaths, including 19 children, says NGO

Manifestações no Irã se intensificaram neste fim de semana
Protests in Iran intensified this weekend| Photo: Reproduction Twitter

The protests in Iran, triggered by the death of the young Mahsa Amini, in 10 of September, they have already left 185 dead people, being at least 19 children. The balance was released by the NGO Iran Human Rights, this Sunday (9). Marked by clashes in several cities, Saturday (8) was one of the most intense days of the demonstrations recorded in the last four weeks.

Amini, by 22 years, died three days after being detained by the so-called Tehran Moral Police, on the grounds that she was wearing the Islamic headscarf incorrectly. On Friday, a report from Iran’s coroner service stated that the young woman died of pre-existing medical conditions. Amini’s father blamed the police for the death, and the family’s attorney said “respectable doctors” believe she was beaten while in detention. 09193441 This Sunday, videos on social media showed protests with hundreds of high school girls and university students. According to human rights groups, the demonstrations are being repelled with tear gas, batons and live ammunition.

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