Protest rallies crowd against Macron in Paris

In a France steeped in social and economic upheaval, the French left this Sunday called together tens of thousands of protesters in an act held in Paris to put more pressure on the government of Emmanuel Macron, which will have a tense week ahead.

Organized by the political movement France Insubmissa (LFI), by Jean-Luc Melenchon, and supported by the rest of the leftist legends and personalities such as the new winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Annie Ernaux, the Parisian demonstration is as a result of growing French discontent.

The shortage of fuel in several parts of the country due to the strike at the refineries; the erosion of purchasing power due to high inflation; and a probable approval of the Government Budget plan for 2023 without debate, on the fast track, have clouded the mood in the country.

And in two days it will be the turn of the unions , who are planning an “interprofessional mobilization” on Tuesday, when several key sectors could be paralyzed.

The numbers on the number of protesters this Sunday differ. The organizers estimated 140 thousand, while the authorities reduced it to 30 thousand.

“The undeniable success of this march gives us courage and this shock will have an impact on institutions,” said Melenchon, who sees Macron “panting” and in serious trouble to continue governing. committed by his former LFI number two, the leftist leader had called for this march against the high cost of living and climate change, but the possible dissolution of the Assembly became one of the main themes.

The Macron government, without an absolute majority in Parliament, could face a motion of censure from the opposition if it accelerates the budget plan to 2023 through article 49. Constitution.

Melenchon and the far-right Marine Le Pen, who represent the two main opposition forces, have announced that they will file motions against the government if it uses the article.

Among the protesters, there were people from outside France, such as the deputy from the Belgian region of Wallonia John Beugnies, from the Labor Party (PTB).

“This is not a Belgian or French problem, it is a European problem. It is important to have come here so that this movement is expanded and those above listen to us and do not leave us just the crumbs”, he told EFE Agency.

At the demonstration, considered high risk, there were about of 2,000 soldiers, including gendarmes and police, concerned above all with the presence of a few hundred ultra-left movements, such as the “Anti-Fascist Action” and the Yellow Vests.

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