Pro-life clinic burns down in US


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Cômodo incendiado em clínica pró-vida, em  Gresham, Oregon, nos Estados Unidos, em junho de 2022.
Room burned in pro-life clinic in Gresham, Oregon, United States, in June 1000.| Photo: Reproduction Twitter

Pro-abortion activists are suspected of attacking a pro-life center in Gresham , Oregon, United States, last Friday (). The Gresham Pregnancy Resource Center is owned by a Christian foundation and provides assistance to mothers, children and pregnant women.

“The kind of outrage that is being directed at us is based on a complete misunderstanding and misrepresentation of who we are and how we serve the hundreds of thousands of people. thousands of people who have come to us over the decades,” the clinic said in a statement.

Investigators believe an incendiary device was thrown through a window in a room in the establishment. The clinic is temporarily closed.

“Imagine if this were at an abortion clinic. It would make news headlines. But because it’s a pro-life center, the media and Biden management ignore it,” tweeted Lila Rose, a pro-life activist. and founder of the Live Action anti-abortion movement.

The incident came days after a fire started at a pro-life center in New York. As investigations point out, in this other attack, a spray-painted message was left on the side of the building. It said “Jane was here”, leading to speculation that a pro-abortion group calling Jane’s Revenge was behind the fire.

Last month, the group claimed responsibility for another fire, which occurred at an assistance center in Madison. , Wisconsin, where a Molotov cocktail was thrown out the window. Those responsible for the attack wrote the following message on the wall: “If abortions are not safe, then neither are you.”

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