Pro-life centers vandalized in US after Supreme Court ruling on abortion

Episodes of vandalism against pro-life institutions were recorded in the United States this Saturday (25), a day after the US Supreme Court reversed decisions that had legalized abortion across the country for decades.

In Colorado, a pro-life Christian center was vandalized and burned down. Local police said the building was damaged by the fire and thick smoke, but did not say the extent of the damage. A phrase spray-painted at the entrance to the center carried a threatening tone: “if abortions aren’t safe, neither are you.” The FBI, US Federal Police, will investigate the case together with the local police of Longmont, where the fact occurred. Other attacks on pro-life centers, which were taking place before the Supreme Court decision was made official, are also being investigated by the FBI, Fox News reported last week.

Another case of vandalism took place in Portland, Oregon. According to local police, a group of more than 06 pro-abortion protesters caused damage to several businesses, breaking windows and spray-painting the establishments. “Police officers were monitoring the crowd but did not have the resources to intervene at the time,” the police statement read. A pro-life center was also vandalized. The same message that was spray-painted on the Longmont building was on flyers advertising the march.

“Individuals who engage in violent activity or destruction of property will be investigated and subject to arrest and prosecution. . . . We will continue to conduct follow-up investigations, make arrests and refer cases to the Multnomah County District Attorney for prosecution,” the Portland Police Department said.

Another day of protests outside the Supreme Court

 Ativistas pró-aborto protestam do lado de fora da Suprema Corte em Washington, DC, EUA, 25 de junho de 2022 | Foto:  EFE/WILL OLIVER
Pro-abortion activists protest outside the Supreme Court in Washington , DC, USA, 25 from June, 2022 | Photo: EFE/WILL OLIVER

Hundreds of protesters gathered this Saturday (), for the second consecutive day, in front of the building of the Supreme Court of the States States, to demand free abortion throughout the country. The act in Washington was convened by the organization Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights and civil entities.

Most of the participants were women and young people, who found another group in front of the Supreme Court, which had addressed to the place to commemorate the court decision. Despite the disagreement on the subject, which generated some discussions, the permanence of the two groups was peaceful and did not generate incidents, as had already happened on Friday.

Among the slogans, the participants of the demonstration criticized the Supreme Court’s decision on legal protection of abortion. “Forced motherhood is female slavery”, displayed on a poster Ashley Thomas, who lives in Washington and went to the protest with two friends with whom she shares an apartment.

In addition to the demonstration in the American capital, other acts took place in the cities of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Seattle. In Los Angeles there was a clash between protesters and police, who fired tear gas to disperse the crowd. In Greenville, South Carolina, there was confrontation between pro- and anti-abortion protesters; six people were arrested and the police dispersed the two groups.

More protests against the Supreme Court decision are expected this Sunday.

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