President of Italy refuses to accept Prime Minister's resignation

The President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, did not accept this Thursday (14) the resignation of the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, and instructed him to appear in Parliament to verify if he still has a majority to govern.

“The President of the Republic did not accept the resignation and invited the Prime Minister to present himself to Parliament to give explanations and for an assessment of the situation created in that seat. after today’s debates in the Senate”, reads the government statement.

Draghi addressed Mattarella to present his resignation after one of the main partners of the national unity coalition, the Five Star Movement (M5S ), did not support him in a vote of confidence in the Senate.

The prime minister had already warned that he would not govern without the M5S, although his departure from the coalition did not prevent its continuity, since which continued to enjoy the support of a comfortable parliamentary majority.

The latest standoff between Draghi and M5S leader Giu seppe Conte, his predecessor in office, was a decree with aid against inflation that the party considers “insufficient” and that it criticizes for including measures such as the financing of a waste incinerator for the city of Rome.

Previously, there have been notorious disagreements, given the M5S’s fears about continuing to arm the Ukrainian resistance.

The coalition of national unity, which Draghi has led since February of 2021 , was this Thursday divided between the parties that encourage him to continue in office and those that ask for an early election instead of waiting for the end of the term, in March 2023.

Among the first, those who invited him to “check” if he has a parliamentary majority, are the Democratic Party (center-left); Italia Viva, by Matteo Renzi; and Together for the Future, the spin-off of M5S led by current Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.

However, right-wing Matteo Salvini, also from the coalition, urged not to fear a snap election .

The most interested in voting was Giorgia Meloni, head of the right-wing Brothers of Italy, who as the only opposition to Draghi so far is the one that grew the fastest in all the polls.

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