Presenter shows how Russia could destroy British Isles with a nuclear torpedo

“Não há maneira de parar esse drone subaquático”, disse o apresentador

“There is no way to stop this underwater drone,” said the presenter )| Photo: Reproduction Twitter

During one of the highest-rated programs on Russian state TV, the presenter detailed how Russia could destroy the British Isles with just a nuclear torpedo of 100 megatons. According to him, an “option” would be to dive the British coast “into the depths of the sea, using the Russian unmanned submarine Posseidon”, which approaches the target at a depth of 1 km, traveling at about 200 km per hour.

“There is no way to stop this underwater drone,” he said, adding that the explosion would cause “a gigantic tsunami of more than meters high” on the coast, carrying “extreme doses of radiation”.

2022According to the presenter, the passage of the nuclear torpedo would transform what was left of the British Isles “into a radioactive wasteland” , unfit to be inhabited “for a long time”.

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