Premalu OTT release date: When and where to watch this rom-com starring Naslen, Mamitha Baiju

The film, which was initially released in theaters around the world on February 9, 2024, and was directed by Girish AD, quickly became one of the highest-grossing films in the history of Malayalam cinema. Fans can now watch the lovely romantic comedy that stars Naslen and Mamitha Baiju, who are on the verge of becoming stars, without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. ‘Premalu’ has captured hearts all over the world despite having a straightforward plot, thanks to its outstanding acting, fascinating storytelling, and a healthy dosage of humor that is mixed with social media memes.

Premalu OTT Release Date 

Premalu is set to premiere on Hotstar on 12 April 2024.

This year, the Malayalam cinema industry has been experiencing a terrific run, with hits following one another in rapid succession. It is quite evident that Premalu is the most successful of all the previous success stories in the sector. The seemingly modest love story was able to win over the hearts of spectators in Kerala and other Southern states despite the lack of significant promotion and funding.

An incredible accomplishment for Malayalam cinema, the film made more than one hundred crore rupees. After having a phenomenal run at the box office, the movie is finally getting ready to be made available on an OTT platform.

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This romantic comedy film, which was directed by Girish A.D. and co-written by him, was produced with a budget of four crores of rupees and falls under the genre of romantic comedies. Because of the widespread positive word of mouth, the film was able to reach the Rs. 100 crore club. In fact, it is the only Malayalam film to ever enter the club, making it the only one of its kind.

When and Where to Watch Premalu

You can watch this rom-com on 12 April 2024, on Hotstar.

This movie speaks to everybody who considers themselves to be young at heart, has ever felt homesick, and is aware of the subtleties of love. It offers some much-needed humorous relief and sheds light on the lives of a college graduate who is beginning a new life in a foreign location and navigating the problems that come along with it.

This movie will be interesting and touching for anyone who can identify with the concepts that are explored in it. ‘Premalu’ is expected to be released on Disney+ Hotstar on April 12, 2024, in accordance with the notification made by the creators. This date coincides with the celebrations of Vishu. When the clock strikes twelve o’clock on April 12, the movie will be available in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

As the excitement surrounding its launch on the OTT platform continues to grow, the specifics regarding the Hindi and Kannada versions have not been published. This has created a sense of keen anticipation among fans who are waiting for an official declaration from the producers.

Premalu Movie Story

Sachin opens up to Anjali as his time at college is coming to an end, only to receive a rejection letter! He kneads bread with his dad at the family bakery after his dream of studying in the UK is derailed by the denial of his visa. Presenting Amal, your old friend who has devised a scheme: a GATE course in Hyderabad! Sachin nibbles, looking for a formula for prosperity. He flips burgers for Reenu in a fast-food restaurant, but she’s searching for a more “fantastic catch!”

Cast and crew of Premalu

The movie is directed by Girish A. D., and Naslen K. Gafoor and Mamitha Baiju play the main parts. Shyam Mohan M, Meenakshi Raveendran, Akhila Bhargavan, Althaf Salim, Mathew Thomas, and Sangeet Pratap all play important parts in this movie. The script for Premalu was written by Girish A. D. and Kiran Josey.

Ajmal Sabu shot the movie, Vishnu Vijay composed the music, and Akash Joseph Varghese edited it. The movie was made by Fahadh Faasil, Dileesh Pothan, and Syam Pushkaran under the name Bhavana Studios.

Premalu OTT Release Date

After the success of “Thanneer Mathan Dinangal,” Girish AD waited three years to release his second film, “Super Sharanya,” in 2022. He is known for finishing movies on time and under budget. Anaswara Rajan, who led his debut film, also starred in this one. The dormitory scenes in “Super Sharanya” are popular with young girls because they may link them to their own lives.

The first film’s cast returns under Girish. Anaswara Rajan, who played the lead in his first movie, was in his second, and Naslen is in “Premalu.” Mamitha Baiju, who played one of the lead actresses in his second movie, plays the female lead in this one, and Mathew Thomas, who played the lead in his first movie, makes a cameo.

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Naslen appeared in all three Girish AD films. He performed a character role in “Thanneer Mathan Dinangal,” but he got good screen time in “Super Sharanya,” starring Arjun Ashokan and Anaswara Rajan, and now he’s the hero in this movie. His parts in “Jo and Jo,” “18+,” “Neymar,” and others have captivated viewers.

“Premalu” is produced by skilled Fahadh Faasil, Dileesh Pothan, and Syam Pushkaran. Fahadh Faasil produces and collaborates with Dileesh Pothan and Syam Pushkaran on other films. In a media interview, Dileesh Pothan said this is their fifth project with Girish and they want to work with him again.

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