Prema Vimanam OTT release date: When and where to watch this drama starring Sangeeth Shoban, Sanvi

Production companies Abhishek Pictures and ZEE5 collaborated to create the online film “Prema Vimanam,” which will wow viewers starting on October 13. Both companies specialize in generating distinctive concept-driven, high-budget movies. The premiere date of this upbeat, engaging web movie was officially announced by the producers.

Two young children who long to fly… A couple that wants to take off on a new adventure together in a plane… Situations that bring these individuals together and the ways in which their lives become entwined, twists in their trip, smiles, sobs, and joys… all of these were covered in the movie in a way that would captivate viewers. The already publicized first look and teaser have increased interest in the movie.

Prema Vimanam OTT Release Date

Prema Vimanam is all set to premiere on 13 October 2023 on Zee5.

Oka Chinna Family Story was a film that Sangeeth Sobhan released not too long ago that delighted cinema fans. The movie was directed by Mahesh Uppala, and the web series was produced by Niharika Naga Babu, who is also the daughter of Naga Babu. Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s niece.

Abhishek Pictures, whose previous work includes the successful films Goodachari and Ravanasura, has teamed up with one of the most prominent over-the-top (OTT) platforms to produce the potential web film Prema Vimanam. This contemporary romance was directed for the first time by Santosh Kata.

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An fascinating and skillfully produced poster that showcases the main cast of characters has been released by the creators of the film, as was previously reported. On the poster are depicted three groups of people: two young men, represented by Devansh Nama and Anirudh Nama; a young couple, played by Sangeeth Shoban and Saanve Meghana; and Vennela Kishore and Anasuya Bharadwaj, who play a married couple.

Soon, ZEE5 will begin airing the feel-good entertainer that features the musical compositions of Anup Rubens. The motion picture is scheduled to make its long-awaited premiere on digital streaming services. It is going to be broadcast on ZEE 5 in Telugu on October 13th, so stay tuned for that!

When and Where to Watch Prema Vimanam

You can watch this drama on Zee5 from 13 October 2023.

The principal actors in ‘Prema Vimanam’ are quite strong. The film’s two main characters are played by Sangeeth Shoban and Saanve Meghana. After the release of another ZEE5 Telugu Original film titled “Oka Chinna Family Story,” which also starred Sangeeth Shoban in the leading role, comes the release of “Prema Vimanam.”

And which also garnered a great deal of adoration from viewers. In the meantime, Saanve Megghana’s performance alongside Anand Deverakonda in Pushpaka Vimanam left a lasting impression on everyone.

In the endearing tale “Prema Vimanam,” two young boys from a village follow their ambitions of taking their maiden flight in the big wide world. They encounter an eloping couple along the road, and a sequence of amusing and touching events occur as their worlds converge.

The movie was properly introduced at a pooja ceremony in Hyderabad, which was also attended by Bobby from Geetha Arts, Bharath and Sunil Narang from Asian Group, and Abhishek Nama.

‘Prema Vimanam’ will be a pleasurable experience for spectators of all ages, the production company claims, thanks to its touching narrative and excellent production elements. Prema Vimanam is one of the web movies that ZEE5, one of India’s top content providers, promises to release in the upcoming months.

What’s the story of Prema Vimanam

The story of Prema Vimanam revolves around a chance meeting between two children who have a wish to travel by airplane and a young couple who are in a rush to make their flight so that they can begin a new life.

They unexpectedly collide with one another, which inevitably leads to a conflict, due to the fact that one person’s dream and the other person’s hurry have generated unusual circumstances. At some point, feelings such as love and connection manifest themselves, bringing a renewed sense of life and hope to this voyage that is filled with joy and laughter.

Cast & Crew of Prema Vimanam

Abhishek Pictures and ZEE5 have put together a talented cast and team for the upcoming Telugu web film ‘Prema Vimanam.’ Sangeeth Shobhan and Saanve Megghana play the main characters, and child actors Devansh Nama and Anirudh Nama are making their first appearances.

The movie is directed by Santosh Kata. Anup Rubens did the music, Jagadeesh Chikati did the photography, Gandhi Nadikudikar did the set design, and Amar Reddy Kudumula did the editing.

Prema Vimanam OTT release date

The storyline and idea of Prema Vimanam are, in my opinion, the most appealing aspects of the film. The movie is billed as a feel-good new age love story, and its plot revolves around a young, deeply-in-love couple who go away together in order to begin a new life.

On the other hand, there is a brother and sister duo named Devansh and Anirudh Nama who both have the ambition to one day pilot an airplane. When the two different pairs of people accidentally run into each other at the airport, there is a lot of confusion caused as a result of the inevitable conflict that follows.

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The dreams of one pair and the needs of the other couple combine to create unanticipated circumstances that are full of both funny and touching moments. At some point, feelings of love and closeness develop between the participants, bringing a renewed sense of purpose and optimism to an otherwise hilarious and upbeat journey.

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