Predecessor says Boric was too dedicated to constitutional referendum and forgot to govern

Chilean President Gabriel Boric countered his predecessor, Sebastián Piñera, after the former president accused the Chilean government of having campaigned for the constitutional plebiscite and failed to govern.

On Wednesday (14), in two interviews with Chilean television channels, Piñera, who left office in March, said that the government “in the last six months has been too dedicated to the constitutional convention, to the referendum campaign” and “neglected the concerns of the people”.

On the 4th, the Chilean population rejected a new proposal for a Constitution for the country, with an extremely progressive content. The Boric administration tries to articulate a new constituent process so that another text is drafted and also voted on in a referendum.

Piñera defended that the government “should move away” from the negotiating table and “focus on governing ”. The centre-right former president called the text rejected at the polls this month as “a very bad proposal for Chile, for the country’s future” and said parties across his political spectrum are willing to collaborate in the new constituent process.

“I was president and I remember that we faced very relentless, very destructive opposition. I believe that we are not going to do to President Boric what a certain extreme left did to us”, he pinned.

This Thursday (15), Boric said that it is “ legitimate” that Piñera has a critical view of his government, “just as I had of his government, and he has the right to express that”. However, he then criticized his predecessor.

“I regret that an ex-president hides himself during all the months of the campaign and expresses his point of view on the subjects of the referendum only after it has ended. ”, said Boric, who claimed that his government “is fully occupied and concerned with the security of our countrymen and with facing the rising cost of living”.

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