Positive returns for investors in 46 of 55 top stocks | Investors in 46 of the top 55 stocks will be attracted to pharmaceutical companies given the positive performance in the healthcare segment.

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Ahmedabad 9 days ago Author: Mahesh Trivedi

Copylink 24 scrips offers lucrative returns ranging from simple to 37% Sensex increases 16% against 22 stocks with huge returns of 50 to 534%

Farewell ES In 2020 the Sensex-Nifty increased by around 16%. In comparison, investors in 46 of Gujarat’s 55 listed companies achieved positive returns. Only 9 companies recorded negative returns. In view of this, it can be said that the shares of over 83% of the major listed companies in Gujarat saw a significant improvement in the calendar year 2020. Among the 22 major stocks with returns ranging from 50% to 534 %, Adani Green is trading at Rs. 166 with Rs. 1052 completed. Which is Rs. The stock has a whopping 886 (534 percent) return. Shares of Syntex, which was facing various difficulties at one point, rose 431 percent and Suzlon by 250 percent. Most of the scrips in the Adani group have improved. Among them, Adani Gas and Adani Enterprises experienced 100% growth.

24 scrips reported returns ranging from simple to 37 percent. Among them, Meghmani Orge topped with 46 percent, followed by Ratnamani Metal with 44 percent, Welspun India with 42 percent, Bank of Baroda with 40 percent and GNFC with 37 percent. While the shares of 9 companies saw negative returns. Among them, Sadbhav Engineering has 71%, Atul Auto 37%, Kalpataru Power 28%, Adani Power 24% and Gujarat Alkali 18%. Gujarat companies have outperformed listed companies in other states in the Corona outbreak, which is expected to continue into 2021.

Appealing Gujarati stocks to watch for experts
Cadila Healthcare, L&T Techno., Torrent Pharma, Astral Poly., Meghmani Org., GNFC, Zydus Wellness, Adani Port, Adani Trans, Torrent Power, Adani Power

Top-22 giving returns ranging from 50 to 534 percent

Society Dec. 31-1931 Dec-20 Differences 1. Adani Green 16610528865342. Syntax Suzlon Energy 1.876.554.682504. Adani Gas 1633752121305. Adani Enter. 2084792711306. AIA Eng. 1650196718021097. Ashima Ltd. 612.56.51088. Cadila Healthcare 254476222879. GTPL Hathaway 73134618410. Alembic Pharma 57110344638111. Alembic Ltd. 60107477812. Guj. Apollo Ind. 130204745713. L&T Techno. 146523388736014. Torrent Pharma 184728009535215. Atul Ltd. 4050623021805416. Vadilal Enter. 110717005935417. Arvind Fashion 3931542396118. Dishman Carbogen 85138536219. Gujarat Gas 2383771395820. Infibeam 5585305521. Astral Poly.117617876115222. Camcon * 34050024071

Negative returns of shares of 9 companies

Sr. Company 31 Dec-1931 Dec-20 Differences 1 Sadbhav Eng. 10863-45-712 Atul Auto252184-68-373 Kalpataru410320-90-284Adani Power6250-12-245Gujarat Alkali418354-64-186 PSP Project496415-81 Ambuja X.133118- 15-138Symphony11611026-135-129Electrotherm119113-6-5.3

Single digit returns up to 37%

Sr. Company 31 Dec-1931 Dec-20 Differences 1. Meghmani Organic 578326462. Ratnamani Metal 10981580482443. Welspun India 486820424. Bank of Baroda 1026141405. GNFC 16422460376. Zydus Wellness 14701990520357. Adani Port 3664841182438410632.1 Trans 3364841182438. Adani Port 3664841182438430632.1 Trans 3361 RN. . Asian Granito 219282632911. Ambuja Cement 196249532712. Astron Paper 4152112713. Serra Sanitary 269133906992614. Eris Life 4745801062215. Lincoln Pharma 205243381916. Arvind Ltd. 404771817. Shelby Ltd. 93109161718. Alicon Eng 374361619. GMDC 615381320. Torrent Power 284317331221. Vadilal Ind.71675842622. GSFC70722323. Ganesh Housing 32311324. Guj. State Petronet 21922121

* Listed October 1.

Gujarati businesses have the highest demand from investors from states other than Gujarat
While Gujarat is at the top of the Pharma, FMCG, Ceramics, Chemical industries, companies in this sector of Gujarat see a large influx of investors from states other than Gujaratis.

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