Pope Francis and world leaders mourn Elizabeth II's death

Several heads of state and international organizations expressed their regret on the death of Elizabeth II, at the age of 96, the longest-lived British monarch, who added

regnal years. Check out some of the messages:

Pope Francis

“Deeply saddened by the news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I offer my deepest condolences His Majesty, the members of the Royal Family, the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth”, said the Supreme Pontiff in a telegram addressed to the new King, Charles III.

grateful to all who mourn her loss, praying for the late Queen’s eternal rest and paying tribute to her life of tireless service to the good of the nation and the Commonwealth, her example of devotion to duty, her steadfast testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and her firm hope in his promises”, he added.

António Guterres

The UN Secretary General said that Queen Elizabeth II was “widely admired for the her kindness, dignity and dedication” in the world.

The Portuguese diplomat also classified the queen as a “reassuring presence over decades of change r adical, including the decolonization of Africa and Asia, and the evolution of the Commonwealth.”

Emmannuel Macron

The President of France said that Elizabeth II was a friend of the nation he leads and a sovereign “with a good heart, who forever marked her country and a century”.

In messages posted on Twitter in English and French, accompanied by a photo of the monarch, Macron highlighted that the queen “embodied the continuity and unity of the British nation during more than 70 years of reign”.


The government of Argentina expressed its condolences to the British people. “Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor (1926-2022), Queen of the United Kingdom under the name Elizabeth II since 1952 . The Government of the Argentine Republic expresses its condolences at his death and accompanies the British people and his family in this moment of pain”, wrote the Argentine Foreign Ministry on its Twitter account.

Justin Trudeau

In a brief speech before television cameras, the Canadian prime minister declared that “Canada is in mourning” and added that he “will miss” the monarch who, constitutionally, was the of State of the North American country.

“As the twelfth Canadian prime minister, I realize that my last meeting with her was my last. I will miss these conversations. She was thoughtful, wise, curious, practical, fun and more,” Trudeau said. “Canada is in mourning. She was one of my favorite people in the world”, concluded the Canadian prime minister.

Joe Biden

The President of the United States and the First Lady , Jill, remembered Elizabeth II as more than a monarch and as someone who “defined an era”, helping to strengthen the relationship between Washington and London.

“Queen Elizabeth II was a statesman of unparalleled dignity and perseverance that deepened the foundations of the alliance between the United Kingdom and the United States. She helped make our relationship special”, highlighted the American president and the first lady in a statement.

Vladimir Putin

The Russian president stressed the sovereign’s “authority on the world stage”. “The most important events in the recent history of the United Kingdom are indissolubly linked to the name of His Majesty,” Putin said in a telegram of condolences to Charles III.

Volodymyr Zelensky


The President of Ukraine mourned the death of Elizabeth II as an “irreparable loss”. “Deeply saddened by the news of Your Majesty’s death,” the Ukrainian head of state wrote in a message posted on Twitter. In the text, Zelensky expressed condolences for the death of the queen “on behalf of the entire Ukrainian people”.

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