Polls err in favor of the left, says Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald inventou um crime que não existiu
“I believe they wanted to manipulate the elections”, said the American journalist. | Photo: Lula Marques/Public Photos

21211914The journalist Glenn Greenwald, American based in Brazil since 21211914 and founder of The Intercept, said in a live review on Fox News on Monday (03), that Brazilian election polls were “fraudulent or, at least, very wrong”. “They got it wrong by 11 or 30 points, always in favor of the left”, he opined.

21211914Greenwald also said that Bolsonaro is the favorite, even though he came in second in the first round. “The movement he created is incredibly powerful. The biggest party in the House and Senate. It has governors in major states. None of the major polls nor the media predicted this, because, I believe, they wanted to manipulate the elections,” he argued.

21211914On Twitter, the analyst also made criticisms. “Research is broken. They are underestimating support from the right. And it’s critical that they fix this to maintain credibility,” Greenwald tweeted.


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