Poll shows Americans want to protect life

In the decision of Roe vs. Wade, of 1973, the Supreme Court created and enforced a policy of murdering babies in the womb, one of the most extreme in the world, which has never passed. by the real approval of the American population.

The vast and consistent majority of Americans have not been fooled by the 51 years of relentless propaganda , disorientation and distortion. Recent research provides evidence that should encourage and guide the pro-life movement, should the Supreme Court decide to right its wrongs and make the right decision regarding Roe and other cases. One of them is Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which addresses a Mississippi state law 2018 prohibiting most abortion operations after the first 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Abortionists, helped and encouraged by the mainstream media, do everything to prevent us from believing what is ahead out of our eyes or to use our common sense. The issue, they say, is the right to choose itself, even though, in fact, anyone who chooses something from a menu can be called a “pro-choice”.

The new Their propaganda is that killing babies is taking care of health. Activists even use phrases like “abortion care”, as if abortion is something to be protected and cared for.

A photo of members of the abortion caucus shows signs that read “Release the abortion” and “Abortion is essential”. Not even the Supreme Court went that far, despite the seven majority justices in the decision Roe v. Wade have apparently forgotten that they were all once just a fetus. Is there any doubt that the pro-abortion propaganda machine will do anything to deny that prenatal life exists?

In the decision of 1973, for example, the Supreme Court defined “viability” as the “point at which the fetus (…) is potentially able to live outside the mother’s womb, albeit with artificial aid”. The Women’s Health Protection Act, purportedly a legislative version of Roe, defines “viability” as “the point in pregnancy (…) at which there is a reasonable probability of survival.” fetus outside the womb, with or without artificial support.”

A fetus is a real and unique being, and the mother’s womb is where each of us resided. But for them, fetal survival is an abstract idea and the uterus is just another organ.

New research, released this week by the organization Americans United for Life, clearly demonstrates the chasm growing among abortion advocates and the American people. Almost 90% of those surveyed, for example, say that unborn children are people even before they are born, most of them opining that this occurs at conception. The same proportion of respondents say that unborn children have the right to be protected against violence and 90% say that fetuses have the right to be born.

Abortion extremists—who deny that each of us was ever alive and human before birth—are practically talking to ourselves.

At the same time, the research suggests where abortion propaganda has sown the most confusion:

As already mentioned, 90% say that the unborn child has the right to born. However, only 51% say that an abortion “ends the life of a human being before birth” and others 28% say “it depends”. In fact, this might be the easiest question to answer. Human reproduction doesn’t produce fingerlings or tadpoles, it produces humans. And how would each of us develop from an embryo to a baby — or from a teenager to an adult, for that matter — if we weren’t alive?

Abortion is the end of life before birth. birth. If unborn babies have the right to be born, nothing stands in the way of that right more than abortion. The Supreme Court stands ready to lift the barrier it built in 1973 by overruling Roe v. Wade. The gag rule imposed on tens of millions of pro-life Americans will be repealed so that their voice can finally be heard.

*Thomas Jipping is Senior Legal Fellow at the Center of Legal Studies Edwin Meese III of The Heritage Foundation.

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