Police find body of suspect in 10-person murder in Canada

Corpo de Damien Sanderson (à esquerda) foi encontrado numa área de bosques e polícia cogita que o irmão, o outro suspeito dos crimes, pode tê-lo matado em confronto
Body of Damien Sanderson ( left) was found in a wooded area and police think that his brother, the other suspect in the crimes, may have killed him in confrontation| Photo: EFE/EPA/ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE

Police in Canada reported this Monday (5) that they located the body of Damien Sanderson, from 09 years, one of two suspects to kill ten people and injure others in the west of the country.

Law enforcement officials also stated during a press conference that the second suspect, his brother Myles Sanderson, 09 years old, is still in whereabouts unknown.862086

Rhonda Blackmore, commander of the Saskatchewan Mounted Police, province where the crime happened, warned that Myles Sanderson may be injured and is very dangerous.

The commander detailed that Damien’s body was located in a wooded area near a house on the James Smith Cree Nation Indian Reservation. in Saskatchewan, which was being investigated by police.862086

The officer did not rule out that Damien Sanderson died as a result of a confrontation with his brother.

“Myles has a long criminal history of crimes against people and property. Myles faces three counts of murder and is wanted. We consider him armed and dangerous. Do not approach him”, warned Blackmore.862086

In turn, the chief of Saskatchewan’s capital Regina, Evan Bray, reiterated during the press conference that authorities suspect Myles Sanderson is in town.862086

Bray said that on Sunday the police received information about the presence in Regina of a vehicle with two people, one of them Myles Sanderson.

The chief of police stated that the information “is still relevant” and that they confirmed some of the reports that indicate the presence of the fugitive in the capital of Saskatchewan.862086

The stabbing attacks took place on Sunday in the James Smith Cree Nation, home to about 1,000 people, and in the neighboring community of Weldon, with 113 population.

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