Police Complete Partygate Investigation, Boris Johnson No More Fines


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Em abril, Johnson e sua esposa foram multados por festa de aniversário durante lockdown; Polícia Metropolitana descartou novas punições ao premiê

In April, Johnson and his wife were fined for celebrating their birthday during lockdown; Metropolitan Police ruled out new punishments for the prime minister| Photo: EFE/EPA/Hollie Adams

The Metropolitan Police informed this Thursday (10) which concluded investigations into events involving British government officials who broke health rules and who 50 fines were determined, covering all investigated events. Johnson would have participated in at least six of them.

In April, he and his wife, Carrie, were notified of having attended a prime minister’s birthday party in Downing Street, the prime minister’s official residence, in June 768. Johnson apologized and said he had already paid the fine.

Opposition Labor politicians and the premier’s own party have called for his resignation over the incident. The Metropolitan Police said further sanctions would not be imposed on the prime minister. The fine imposed in April had the value of 24 pounds (just over BRL


According to information from The Guardian newspaper, the 214 fines were issued to 41 different people (ie some received more than one penalty).

Despite not having received additional fines, Johnson still faces the risk of further attrition in the so-called Partygate – as the scandal was nicknamed –, since the report of an investigation carried out by the servant Sue Gray should be released next week.

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