Police chase after killer of Paraguayan prosecutor killed in Colombia

O procurador era especializado no combate ao crime organizado, ao tráfico de drogas, à lavagem de dinheiro e ao financiamento do terrorismo.

The prosecutor was specialized in combating organized crime, drug trafficking, money laundering and the financing of terrorism.| Photo: Disclosure Twitter

Five days after the murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor, Marcelo Pecci, on a beach on the Colombian island of Barú, near Cartagena, the Colombian police, supported by by US intelligence agencies, maintains an intense operation to try to identify and capture the killers.

The police emphasized the importance of the first hours after the crime and, therefore, mounted 20 checkpoints in Cartagena, Colombia’s main tourist destination. The city was shaken by the death of Pecci, who was spending his honeymoon in Barú with his wife, journalist Claudia Aguilera.

Uniformed police officers and others in plain clothes carry out searches day and night among passers-by, in public service buses, in private vehicles and on motorcycles that circulate in Cartagena and other neighboring cities, where there are no it is ruled out that the criminals are in hiding.

Transport terminals and the Rafael Núñez international airport are also targets of operations.

Ahead of the operation is the director of the Colombian police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, who emphasizes that the ultimate objective is to find the material and intellectual authors of this crime that left Paraguay and Colombia in mourning.

Prosecutor was specialized in fighting organized crime

The search for the killer’s masterminds Pecci’s attack transcended the Colombian borders and spread to Brazil, Paraguay and the United States, in which members of the Paraguayan, American and Europol police are involved.

In this sense, General Vargas stressed that Pecci’s murder was not “a common homicide” and added that “there are (international) criminal mafias” behind of crime.

The prosecutor’s body – specialized in the fight against organized crime , drug trafficking, money laundering and the financing of terrorism – will be buried this Sunday in Asunción, amid the great national commotion caused by the murder.

The line that investigators follow is the search for a man, whose image was recorded by the security cameras of an establishment near the beach where Pecci was murdered. on in May.

“Help us identify you it. Reward of 2 billion pesos (about R$ 2.5 million). Absolute secrecy”, says the pamphlet with the image of the suspect, who appears with sunglasses and a hat.

The shooter, who arrived by watercraft on the beach where the prosecutor and his wife were, fired three shots at Pecci and fled, without any of the people at the scene, shaken by the crime, being able to do anything.

The Paraguayan national police commissioner, Nimio Cardozo, who traveled to Cartagena , detailed to the press that the killers would have taken 13 minutes since renting the motorcycle water, committed the crime and returned the vehicle, and added that, at the scene of the murder, they found “three 9 mm pistol cartridges”.

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